The Best Pet Lizard – Bearded Dragons

To most people, the idea of having a lizard for a pet is just completely weird. However, bearded dragon lizards actually make very good pets. Before choosing the next pet for your family, take the time to learn about this fascinating creature. Bearded Dragons are very calm and gentle animals. This makes them great for children as well as adults. Most of the time, they will let just about anyone hold them because they are so trusting. Even though they are so trusting, they are still very curious, outgoing, and interested in what is going on around them. Some other lizards get aggravated when they are carried around but the Bearded Dragon doesn't care. This lizard is called the Bearded Dragon because of the waythey look. They have a series of spines under their chin that look like a beard. The lizards can puff them out to make themselves look larger than they really are to enemies. However, they don't feel threatened very easily. It takes a lot to provoke a Bearded Dragon. Bearded Dragons come in many different color varieties. Some even come in vibrant hues of oranges, reds, and purples. Breeders are constantly trying to get new color patterns. However, the more rare colored lizards can get to be very expensive. This lizard can get to be up to twenty inches long, from head to tail. Even though they get so long, they are still easy to manage, even by kids. If you decide to buy a Bearded Dragon, make sure you pick out a healthy one. Most of the time, the tail is a good indication of whether or not the lizard is healthy. If the tail contains fat stores, then this is good. If the tail doesn't have fat stores and is bony, then something could be wrong with it. Another thing to look at is the eyes. They should be clear and alert. They should never appear sunken. Bearded Dragons are a very low maintenance pet. They are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plants as well as insects. This makes them very easy to feed. The only problem with feeding that you might have is getting the lizard to eat vegetables. But you can usually get them to eat them by mixing the vegetables with insects. For baby dragons, you will need at least a twenty gallon tank and for adults you need at least a forty gallon tank for their habitat. You will also need to make sure that you maintain the correct lighting and temperature for the lizard in the habitat. Even though they are hardy lizards, they will live much longer with the proper care. If you take good care of your pet, it can live to be about twelve years old. Overall, the Bearded Dragon lizard makes a great family pet. They are very hardy and also low maintenance. Owning a Bearded Dragon is a lot of fun because they have such great personalities.