The do not’s while dealing with your dog

Help your dog learn better with a few simple do not’s Border Collie Puppy With Paws on White Rustic Fence 2Dogs are a man’s best friend. Since time immemorial, dog and man has shared a special bond which is irreplaceable. Dogs are in fact one of the most popular pets across the world irrespective of country, age or religion. However, most dog owners tend to make small mistakes while dealing with their pet dogs and hence confuse the dog on what is expected of it. Given below are a few points which dog owners should avoid while dealing with their dog- The first thing to do when a new puppy or dog comes into your home is to let him sleep in your room rather than in the laundry room or alone anywhere else in the house. Since the transition from the pet store to your house is a big step for the puppy or dog, a few days of sleeping in your room would help provide assurance to it. The next very important thing to remember when dealing with your pet dog is to stop communicating with him in words- be it in any language and rather communicate with it through your body language. Dogs are wired to understand the body language of humans rather than the words, so communicating through body language will help remove the confusion in your dogs mind. The next tip to remember while dealing with dogs is to avoid giving one command repeatedly while training it. Your dog should understand the command being given by you in one or two instances only. If he doesn’t and you give one command repeatedly which it obeys after several repetitions, then the dog will get used to listening to commands only after repeated instructions. Rather, a dog should be taught to obey a command at the first instance itself. dog portraitNot setting a daily routine with your dog is also completely unacceptable. Dogs just like any babies, expect things to be on routine and hence respond better when they are taught it right from the start. Whether it is house training or meal times or play time; there should be a routine for the dog so that there is no place of confusion for it. Also consistency with the set routine; whether training, feeding, play time or others; is also of utmost importance and should be followed as closely as possible. One very other common mistake which quite a few new dog owners make is indulging your dog with treats every time it does something correct rather than showering it with praise. Studies have proven the fact that showering the dog every now and then with treats slows down its performance and focus and thus should be replaced with praise or other rewards such as playing with a favorite toy. Apart from the above mentioned tips, there are a number of other don’ts too which dog owners can read on the internet as well as in books written by dog lovers too.