The drawbacks of having a pet

Living beings always seek solace in company. True companionship often dilutes several barriers. Over the years man has developed a bond with his surroundings, including the creatures around him. The stories of numerous iconic figures in history and their trustworthy animal friends are testimony to this relationship. gray kitten with ballThe integrity brought about by a pet A pet is an integral part of many households. The pets mingle with the household activities right from making an appearance in the family photographs to occupying a special seat in the car. Not only is it fun to have a pet at home but many pets like dogs are known to be man`s best friends. The other side of the coin But just as owning a car is great fun but taking care of one is not, you may sometimes not fancy the idea of having a pet at home especially when you are confined to the living room with your pet when everyone else is going out for a movie. Pets are not allowed in all public places. Certainly a pet can`t be left alone at home. A pet needs a lot of attention. Sometimes your pet may not do the things which please you like you may be watching your favorite movie on television and your pet might blow the roof off because it is time for a regular evening walk. Taking care of your pet Taking care of your pet is an arduous task, and taking responsibility for the behavior of the pet exacerbates the task further. While your pet may be very obedient and well behaved with you, many of your guests may be uncomfortable with your pet getting over aggressive at them. Your pet might approach a guest to understand him better, but it could really make your guest feel jittery. Your pet`s wild ecstatic bout of joy could easily ruin a neighbors afternoon nap or deep midnight slumber. So don’t be surprised if your pet is indirectly responsible for your relations with your neighbor turning sour. While in such situations you face the ignominy of defending your pet there will be times when you go mad at the pet yourself. Imagine your pet climbing up the dining table and accidentally pushing a valuable piece of crockery over the edge of the table. Certainly a person with the coolest temperament would get livid in such a situation. Happy cute english bulldog puppy with its mother dogEnsuring your pet’s well being And yes you have to take care of your pet as well. You have to think of all the medicines, the vaccines and the food of course. Your pet may not eat whatever you feel is right for him. You may find your pet to be fussier than you have ever been. Your pet will more often need special food which may burn a hole in your pocket. So when you think of having a pet at home think of the cost as well. And last but not the least one has to make sure that the pet is in the best of health. It may develop sickness which may be deleterious to your own health. One has the added responsibility of cleaning up the mess the pet makes at home and outside. A final word So having a pet at home is a huge responsibility. Think of adopting a pet at home only if you can adapt to the needs of your pet.