The Effects Pets Have On Our Environment


To many people, pets are just for hugging and comfort. That’s actually a Truth, but there’s more to these animals than just being there for our pleasure and comfort. Many researchers, both organizations and individuals have delved into the study of the relationship animals (some generally and some specifically) and the human society (or environment). There are ecological effects, effects on human health and even psychological effects. The interesting part is that, not all these effects are favorable to man and his environment.

One unexpectedly important effect is the ecological effect. How interesting could it be, that animals could affect weather and climate!! It is actually true. Based on the calculations of professor George Okin, when dogs and cats are fed with meat for a year, up to sixty four million ton if carbon dioxide is produced in their faeces within the space of that year. This amount of carbon dioxide will be the equivalent of carbon dioxide produced by rough 14 million cars that continue to run in a whole year. That may be ridiculously unbelievable, but it ends up being true.

The consumption of meat by many animals, especially pets, is almost 25 percent of the humans’ general consumption of meat. Meat being the major source of protein for pets gets a lot of attention and takes a lot of money. Animals can eat vegetables and plants generally, but some of them are only at the best of their health and performance when they get enough protein. Hence, pet owners spend quite a lot on meat. So, in a way, Pet’s heavy consumption of meat can have its own toll on a country’s GDP because up to half of the populations are pets owners. Pet owners can consciously search for other low cost protein food.

Of a Truth, the comfort a pet gives humans, especially at tried times is a blessing to the society. Psychologists say that people naturally feel safer when they are around their pets. They’ve also found that pets help minimize stress and anxiety. When you pet your cat or dog, especially when you do it absentmindedly, it is always very relaxing for both you and the pet. Doctors specifically recommend having a pet to both patients and care givers at a nursing home, which is mostly boring. Having an animal around reduces the chances of depression. Pets can also help you keep fit, if you walk and jug with your pet very frequently. The way they make you play with them, either indoors or out in the open, is very helpful in burning calories with little to no stress.

Lastly, researchers have also drawn the conclusion that despite the fact that animals and kids get along quite well, it may is not safe to let a child be subjected to a lot of Animal Assisted Activities. After some intensive research, some very unbecoming behavior in children have been traced to their relationship with animals. It is also said that having a child connect with a pet so early in his or her life can have psychological effects on the child, which may keep him or her as a visitor to the therapist’s.