The Grief of Losing a Pet

Is it Really that Serious? While losing a pet to some may seem natural, or unimportant, to the person who owned the pet it is nothing short of horrific. When a person loses someone they love or care deeply for, often times many people will give their condolences, prepare a dish, stop by and just say hi. But when people experience losing a pet it is usually a much lonely grieving process, not many people even acknowledge that you may be going through a hard time. You don't get a day off work, or have family and friends stopping by to help you through your grief. Losing a pet is solely shared amongst immediate family members. While some people will always talk about how good of watch dog you had, what tricks they did, how your cat was such a good mouser, or how good your pet was with the kids, nobody understands your pet's personality or thoughts more than the family they were raised with. Even people who have never owned a pet have had a very small experience of losing a pet. While a pet owner can tell you it's not the same thing, you can still see the grief of someone who is watching a movie where the main pet dies. Take Old Yeller, not many people could watch that movie and not at least shed a tear when the little boy had to shoot his dog after getting rabies. Or the new movie Marley and Me, after laughing through the movie, most people were glad they were in a dark theatre at the end. Of course losing a pet doesn't go away 20 minutes later like watching a movie, and often times people think you can just go get another pet. Most pet owners will never get over losing a pet, no more than the loss of a loved one, although they still move on and then later end up with another pet. While a family member's death may not compare to losing a pet, it could be because we can get another pet to help us heal, and you cannot get another family member. In conclusion, losing a pet will never be easy, nor will moving on from it be as simple as some people think. Some people think getting another pet will replace the one you lost, but many times it is hard for a person to get attached to a new pet, that is until after enough time has passed. As some will agree losing a pet as with the loss of a relative or loved one and can require grief counseling in some cases.