The Most Family Friendly Breeds of Dogs

Child lovingly embraces his pet dog, a blue heelerWhen choosing a new pet to join the ranks amongst your loving family, it is wise to select a breed of dog that is most applicable to your situation. Doing research into the most family friendly breeds of dog is a great first step in finding that perfect furry companion to join your family! While some families may choose to go with smaller pets such as rodents, reptiles or fish, these breeds are refined to their respective terrariums and fish tanks, and much less interactive. A dog or a cat is a much more communicative pet, with more apparent personalities and behavioral traits. And where cats are rather secluded, self-serving animals, much less social and not as loving, a dog will be loyal, steadfast, and eager to interact with you and your children. Dogs are called β€œMan's best friend,” after all, and this is an accurate assessment. When choosing a breed of dog, base your decision on the temperament, size, energy level, and disposition of the breed. Further research will likely be required after this article, as it is not a decision to made lightly. But here are a few tips on particular dog breeds that would be great around the family! The Beagle There's nothing quite like getting awoken by the wailing howls of the beagle. Beagles have a great temperament, with lively personalities. Beagles were originally kept as hunters, frequently tracking and capturing rabbits, renowned for their profound sense of smell. Beagles are intelligent dogs, and are usually very friendly. They will not only get along with the kids, but will also get along well with other animals. Beagles, like all other dog breeds, requires a good amount of exercise. A simple game of fetch could be great for their health and maintaining their energy levels. They do require frequent bathing and tend to shed, so be advised and plan accordingly. Amico fedeleThe Golden Retriever The Golden Retriever is definitely a common choice, and with good reason. The Golden Retriever is an intelligent breed, and is known for their confident, loyal, and comforting nature. Just like all breeds of dog, the Golden Retriever requires a good amount of attention and exercise. Fortunately, Golden Retriever's love to play, so keeping them exercised and happy is a fun, enjoyable experience. The Labrador Retriever The Labrador Retriever is yet another very popular dog breed. Labs have a temperament similar to Golden Retrievers, and are slightly bigger. Labs are playful dogs, very protective and loving. Many consider this dog is a perfect family pet. They are also very protective dogs, which is good trait for a dog to have around the kids. The Bull Dog The Bull Dog is a cute, rambunctious dog breed. They're particularly good to have around kids who live to wrestle with their dogs and play roughly. Bull dogs are friendly and loyal, and quite docile by nature. It isn't the most energetic dog, and this shows in how it interacts with other pets – very well. A cat pestering a bull dog is hilarious to watch. These are just several of the many great dog breeds available as pets. Consider taking in a rescue from a local animal shelter – many loving dogs are in need of good homes with good families!