The Pet Assistant Comes to Greater Charleston, SC

Serving Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Sullivan's Island, and James Island The Pet Assistant has announced they will open their first location, this summer, in Charleston, South Carolina. The Pet Assistant is a full fledge pet care service, offering everything including pet sitting, mid-day walks, doga, pet taxi, and yard waste clean-up. The idea first came to husband and wife couple, Tina Marie and Jay Frawley, when they decided to leave their previous careers in the restaurant field, and focus on pets. Tina Marie, also the Executive Editor of My Petz Magazine, wanted to be able to work hands-on with pets, on a regular basis. "Jay was in agreement about wanting to do what we love, which is work with pets. The natural choice for us was to open our own pet business." Tina Marie is a former veterinarian technician, giving her the unique ability to recognize and care for sick animals. Her long time work as a pet writer, has also educated her to care for pets ranging from fish to horses. Jay is also a freelance pet writer. Not wanting to only "pet sit" which many people seem to be doing these days, The Pet Assistant stands out by offering a variety of services. One of those services is Doga. Tina Marie, a certified yoga instructor, has taken her love of dogs and love of yoga, and combined the two into a practice known as Doga. Doga has been practice for thousands of years, as has yoga, but has only recently risen in popularity. "It's a great way to get in a good workout, while stimulating your dog. It helps dogs relax and bond with their owners," says Frawley. Other services include mid-day walks, house sitting, overnight stays (for the anxious pet who may have separation anxiety, yard waste cleanup, dog running (to keep dogs at a healthy weight), and pet transportation. The website ( also offers gifts ranging from homemade dog treats, to pet themed earrings. "We wanted to be able to assist in all aspects of pet care," explains Jay Frawley. "Why call different people for different services to care for your pets, when we do them all? This allows us to build a special bond with our clients and especially their pets." Another way The Pet Assistant stands out is by not marking their vehicles. "We don't want your neighbors to see our vehicle in the driveway stating we are a pet sitting service. This may tip people off to the fact that you are on vacation, which could lead to break-ins," explains Jay Frawley. The Pet Assistant also is happy to announce they do not have a rate increase at holiday time. "Right now times are tough, and we want to make going away affordable, especially at holiday time which is family time." Tina Marie and Jay have three pets of their own, all rescues. They have a yellow lab named Buck, all black cat named McCabe, and a grey and black tiger stripped kitten named Isis. Their involvement with animal rescue has driven them to give back a portion of all their proceeds to local animal rescues and shelters. "We are big believers is rescuing animals. Since we can't make a living rescuing animals, we can give back to our local animal rescues, by donating a portion of our profit," Jay Frawley explains. Currently, The Pet Assistant is serving Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, James Island, and Sullivan's Island. "We eventually hope to franchise our business at a fair, yet low price, so other animal lovers can afford to open their own business and share their love for animals."