The pros and cons of getting a cat as your pet

A lot of people love to get a pet. This is obviously due to the fact that having one around seems to be a very exciting and involving experience. A pet can usually be a great companion for both adults and kids in a family. However, one also needs to see the other side of the coin while getting a pet. After all, not everything about them is good and there are indeed a few things that may disappoint you if you don’t have any idea about them while getting the pet. This especially stands true while getting a cat. After all, as a cat looks quite innocent and loving, people usually give a deaf ear to their cons and a lot of times, end up disappointed shortly after getting them home. Hence, one should take a thorough look at the pros and cons of getting a cat as a pet before they finalize the decision. Some of these important pros and cons are: British kitten, Christmas and New YearPro: Cats are independent This feature of cats as a pet never fails to turn up whenever you search for them, does it? Well, it’s not worth leaving out indeed. Usually, a lot of people keep themselves from getting a pet simply due to the fact that they require a lot of time, and not everyone can spend a considerable amount of time with their pets especially if their 9-5 is quite hectic already. Hence, although they might want to get a pet, they surely can’t, especially not something like a dog that demands ton of attention and time. In such a case, cats seem to be the ideal way to go, thanks to their independent nature. They hardly require you to spend a lot of time with them, and you can do it at your own wish, and not compulsorily. Con: Cleaning the litter box Well, nothing can be more frustrating than cleaning a litter box if you don’t like to do it. Usually, this is one of the reasons people avoid getting a cat. Also, though there are some gadgets and accessories in the market that promise to make the task easier, hardly any of them actually works. So be sure to be in for the dirty work while getting a cat. little kitten eating out a big bowlPro: They’re affectionate Although they don’t require you to spend a lot of time with you, they’re very affectionate. They like sticking around you when they are in mood and love it when you scratch their chin. They sometimes sit on your lap as well which makes them seem pretty cute. Con: They undergo shedding Shedding is a common problem in cats and they shed all the time, covering everything you wear. If the color of your cat is white and you wear dark clothes, or it is otherwise, the hairs will be easily visible on your clothes. Hence, this is something very daunting to deal with, and one usually has to give in to the problem than try to cope up with it.