The Truth About What Your Dog Drinks Asides Water


It is to some people, a way of contacting with their pets, when they share foods and drinks with them. However, many do not know what the consequence of their actions may be, they just do it because they feel like doing it. Apart from water, every other thing that you give your dog has an effect on their nutrition. The very first thing we must understand is that human nutrition is different from animal nutrition. The same way you might not be able to eat dog feed, think about it before you throw everything you eat and drink to your dog to eat.

This article will focus on drinks that we give pets and their effects on their nutrition. The real truth about drinks other than water.


Many pet owners believe milk is good for dogs because they also suckle from their mothers as puppies for a period of time after their birth. However, they do not consider that they as humans can suckle from a dog. The same way a woman can’t breastfeed her dog. In reality, pets do not need milk after the suckling period from their mother is over. As a matter of fact, some dogs get upset by milk because they are lactose intolerant. Add milk to the diet of such dogs will cause digestive disorders and intestinal upsets for them.


Unlike milk, coffee or tea should not be given to dogs at all. These drinks contain caffeine, which is not in any way a friend of dogs. There is a thing called caffeine poisoning in pet health, which literally means the reaction of dogs too caffeine intake, because caffeine is considered poisonous. Caffeine intake for dogs does more than the poisoning. It causes high blood pressure, increasing the pet’s heart rate and aiding hyperactivity, which might be dangerous to not just the dog, but even yourself and your children especially.


Fruit juice is not entirely bad because fruits are healthy for dogs, when taken in small quantities. However, fruit juice are processed drinks that will most probably contain additives that may be highly detrimental to the dogs. Hence, it is best for you to feed your dogs with small pieces of the actual fruit or to give them small quantities of homemade, pure fruit juice, to avoid any issue.


Sugar is not a very friendly substance to dogs. It can cause low blood pressure, blood clotting, digestive disorders and even liver malfunction. Asides these, sugar can also make the dogs hyperactive. So, we can safely conclude that sugar or sugary drinks should be generally avoided for dogs. It is toxic to their health.


The sound of giving your dog alcohol already sounds wrong. As a result, it should not be considered. If caffeine can cause the many things it does, how much more alcohol. It can kill the dog, especially when it’s small. Alcohol should never be given to dogs.

It is best to stick to dog feed and snacks when it comes to feeding your dog. If you feed him with something other than that, you might be putting his life in danger.