The various myths about bulldogs

Bulldog asleep after ChristmasBulldogs are probably the most desired breed on the planet. However, as we know, popularity usually never comes without controversies. There are a great number of myths about this breed, which result in the breed forming a bad image in the eyes of a lot of people throughout the world. However, one should always consider talking to a pet specialist or doing some deeper level of research himself to discover the true facts, and not accept the myths as it is. Here are some of the things that are believed to be quite common myths about bulldogs: Bulldogs are aggressive Well, dogs in general can be aggressive, especially if you don’t know how to deal with them or if they simply don’t like your presence. However, bulldogs aren’t more aggressive than their other counterparts. Actually, bulldogs probably give enough signs of warning before finally deciding to attack you, and if you’re someone not clever enough to understand them, you may get attacked by them. Hence, it is actually not the bull dogs, but the people’s lack of cleverness that has resulted in this belief. This myth is probably based on the experiences of a few people who might have did something that agitated the bull dog, and further weren’t clever enough to understand any of its warning signs that made him attack them. Bulldogs are stubborn, and difficult to be trained Firstly, distinguishing bulldogs from dogs is something completely wrong that has been done here. It is not just bull dogs, but the dogs in general that can be stubborn. However, the reason for this stubbornness can be lack of training. Hence, it is always recommended to get a dog as a pet only if you’re willing to invest a lot of time in training it. Regardless of whether you get a bull dog or any other dog as a pet, it might turn stubborn if not trained properly. Hence, this belief has been termed as a myth as it has been associated only with the bulldogs, and not the dogs in general. French bulldogBulldogs don’t need exercise Sometimes, things like these keep you wondering about exactly where they come from. Bulldogs are just like other dogs, though more energetic. What this means is that, in fact, bulldogs require more exercise than other dogs, as they need something to spend such a high level of energy on. If not used on exercising, bulldogs may use this excess energy on doing something destructive. Hence, this is a myth as the actual fact is exactly opposite of what is believed. Bulldogs can SWIM! Well, things can’t get more weird, can they? Like who in their right mind would believe dogs to swim? Have you ever saw a video featuring a swimming bulldog? You probably never will. Though there does seem to a couple of instances where bulldogs have seen to be swimming, those weren’t the usual lot of the breeds for sure. Bulldogs, in general, can never swim and believing so can put them under a great lot of danger. Hence, stay away from such myths and instead work a bit yourself to reach to the real facts.