Things To Do If You Want People To Love Your Dog


You would definitely want people to like your dog. So this article is a must read! The first thing to say about making your dog a lovable dog, is that you must first love your dog before others can love it. After that is settled, then you must take good care of your dog to make him attractive and lovable to everyone who sees him. This is called grooming. If you have ever seen a cute dog and you wanted to carry it, and cuddle it, running your fingers through his fur, then this is what you must do.

Brush your dog – A dog’s fur needs regular brushing and combing to loosen the knots, and reduce how much hair it sheds. One thing that makes dogs attractive is how brushed their hair looks. No one would like to carry a dog that looks rough, just like a man or woman with unkempt hair would not be attractive to anyone. Brushing your dog can be fun, but there is a way to doing it. Brushing may need both a comb and a brush, but it depends on the breed of the dog. This will also determine how frequently you brush and or comb the fur. However, if your dog sheds too frequently, you can buy and use a shed control shampoo to reduce it.


Keep the coat clean – Dirty dog coats can lead to skin infections which will definitely be irritating to the eyes. Hence the cost should be kept clean. Dogs are to be bathed at least one time every month, to keep them clean, but it could vary depending on how dirty the dog gets, and Its breed. Bathing is also not something you go ahead to do without proper knowledge. You can wound your dog and even end up being injured yourself due to inexperience and lack of proper knowledge. This is why you must learn and prepare yourself for bathing before going into it. Also, do not use just any soap. A mild dog shampoo is your best option.

Trim the nails of your dog – A dog’s nails are very strong and sharp, which means they can be dangerous. People who would want to play with your dog may not feel safe around the dog because it has long and sharp nails. While cutting the nails, be careful not to cut it too low, because a part of it is still alive and connected to the paw, and it may hurt the dog if you cut that low. So, cut off the sharp ends and maybe file the edges give smooth and round nail. It could take you a while to follow through at first, but you will eventually master the process. Just make sure you do it gently and that you reward your dog for completing the process.

Basically, a clean dog is a friendly dog. Your dog might be active in socialising with people, but are people willing to socialize with it back? It the answer is no, the above tips will solve the problem.