Things You Must Know About Your Dog

Dogs are some of the most interesting creatures on the planet. Since becoming domesticated, they’ve been proclaimed worldwide as one of the most loyal pets an owner could have. While dogs seem like fairly simple creatures, there are a lot of things that many owners aren’t aware of about their dog that could potentially be very important to know at some point. Some of them could even save your dog’s life. Let’s take a look at some of the things you must know about your dog: Training Them Easter Dalmatain Puppy Researchers have found that dogs may actually have similar cognitive abilities to that of a two year old child. The average dog is typically able to memorize 150 words while some breeds can remember as many as 250. Their Fear of Thunderstorms Ever wonder why your dog howls and barks non stop during a thunderstorm? Well, it turns out the particular sound frequencies induced by thunderstorms may actually be hurting your dogs’ ears. So take it easy on them next time they start going nuts during a thunderstorm! They Can Predict the Weather Dogs commonly start acting up when inclement weather is on the way. They actually have an incredible ability to hear, feel, and smell weather well before it ever gets there. While you may be wondering what they’re doing while they’re staring out the window barking furiously, they may be trying to tell you that weather is on the way. Tail Between the Legs Dogs typically put their tail between their legs when they’re frightened. They do this prevent the scents from their anal region from leaking out, therefore preventing other animals from identifying them. westie dogLimping Could Be Serious While limping is common in dogs who spend a lot of time outside, there are times where it could be pointing to something serious. A limping dog could be pointing to issues associated with arthritis or even bone cancer. If your dog is experiencing continuous limping it is important that you get them checked out by a vet as soon as possible. They Hate Smoke! Just like non-smokers in the human world, dogs can’t stand second hand smoke. It can also be a huge health risk to a dog, as they will be at a much higher risk of developing respiratory issues or lung cancer. Cancer May Strike Dog is waiting While cancer is a common ailment of humans once they get into their older ages, it is also an illness that frequently takes over the bodies of dogs. As many as 50% of dogs develop cancer at some point after the age of 10. Dog owners should be aware of their dogs propensity to develop these type of illnesses in their later years. It’s important that you get your dog checked by a veterinarian if you suspect that he/she has developed some form of this terrible disease. They Can’t Eat Chocolate While most dog owners already know this, you can never remind people enough that dogs should NEVER be fed chocolate. Consuming even small doses of chocolate could potentially be fatal to a dog.