Tips For Handling Your Female Dog In Heat


The heat period of a female dog is probably the most mismanaged period in a dog’s life. This is when the dog is ready to mate and might get pregnant. The heat period does not happen every day, so it should not be taken lightly. However, ignorant pet owners either mismanage the situation by doing whatever comes to mind, or even ignoring the dog entirely. Either way, it is wrong. There is a certain way that dogs must be treated when they are in the heat period, and here are some.

PROTECTION – It is not advisable to allow your dog to get pregnant if you are not ready for her pregnancy. Dogs also have unwanted pregnancy, so if you allow them to stroll out, they can mate with a random dog, and bring you an unwanted pregnancy. You must protect your dog from other male dogs, because at this period, even a single trust can impregnate her. You can lock her in, go out with her if she needs to go out and you can use a leash to keep her in check.

DO NOT TEST FOR OBEDIENCE DURING WALKS – The heat period for female dogs is like the period of menstruation in women. They may have mood swings and not behave according. For dogs, it could even be worse. They might run off or attack a stranger and not listen to your voice of you try to call them back. So, never walk a female dog on heat, without a leash. Do not mistake this for not walking the dog at all; she actually needs the walk, but it must be done with a leash.

DEDICATE TIME TO CARE FOR HER – One of the things a female dog needs in her head period is attention. Sometimes, they are emotionally or psychologically unstable and they need support. You can help your dog go through this period by posting more attention to her; brushing her fur, bathing her, brushing her teeth and even talking to her. Playing with your dog also reduces the tension on her and helps her gain confidence and trust again.

AVOID DOG SHOWS – A dog show during her heat period is bad for her and for the other dogs at the show. She might not be able to respond properly to instruction or training in this period so there is no point bringing her to perform or to be showcased at a dog show. Even as a spectator, she is not allowed in a dog show. Female dogs produce specific scents in their heat period that attracts and distracts male dogs, no matter what they are doing. It is a law in the pet world, so if you request a refund for the show on the basis of your dog coming into heat, you will get it.

Conclusively, female dogs are usually in heat for two to three weeks, so you may want to prepare yourself for the journey. If you want her to get pregnant, it is preferable to arrange for mating with a male dog owner, than to leave her to mate with any dog on the street.