Tips on Pet Injury and What to Do in an Emergency

Its Easy to Get Emotional and Scared when a Crisis Comes Your Way I am the worlds worst at remaining calm when something goes wrong. Its so easy to get worked up and scared when a crisis comes along. I left work early this week and got home with a sick child. Looking back, I am very thankful that my daughter was sick and I had to go home early. Just like I do every day when i get home from work, I go to the back yard and call for my dog. I am always anxious to see her after being at work all day. Yesterday when I got home, things were different. Jessie, my dog, didnt come out immediately. This was odd behavior for her, as she usually greets me with her little vocal sounds every day. Once Jessie finally came to me, I noticed she had a huge gash on her right side that was about 8 inches long. My daugher was right next to me and we jumped to action. I ran inside and got a towel to wrap Jessie in. My daughter grabbed my purse and keys for me, while I carried Jessie to the car. We immediately drove to the closest vet. I was too scared to drive 30 miles to her normal vet, I wanted to get her to the closest place i could. We rushed Jessie inside and the staff took her from us. They triaged her and had us wait. By this time, the adrenaline had slowed a little and it hit me. I started trembling and crying. Was my poor dog going to be ok? The finally called us back and told us that it looked like something had sliced her. The cut wasnt straight, it was more like a fillet cut. When they started asking me for her history, I was so upset and worried that I couldnt think of anything. Luckily, my mom knew all her history and got on the phone with the vet. They perfromed surgery and got her closed up. It took a lot of sutures, and 4 drainage tubes. $400 later, we were able to bring her home the same night with meds to fight off infection and pain meds to help keep her comfortable. I wish that I had my wits about me, it was obvious that I wasnt prepared for this disaster. Had my mom not called, a lot of questions would have been unanswered. It would be helpful to keep all pertinent information on your pets in one place, so if an emergency does come up you will have it all together. When faced with a situation like this, it is sometimes hard to think logically. You can keep a file folder in your car that has all the vet info. If you rescued your dog from an animal shelter, or someplace like that - keep that paperowrk in there too. It is imperative to keep the shot records, blood work that has been done, any previous surgeries, who has cared for your dog, etc together. You can even go to a craft store and get a small lunch box tin to keep records and receipts in. The key is to have all of this information in one easyily, accessible place. And it would probably be best to keep it in your vehicle in case it is an emergency. Then you only have to grab your pet and get in the car. You do not want to waste time trying to remember where you put the information in the house. You may have a normal vet that you go to - but if you are faced with an emergency and have to go to a different vet, or even an after hours animal hospital, this is all information that will help get your pet the best (and fastest) treatment. If you travel with your pet, please take this information with you. I am fortunate that things worked out well in this case, but please take it from me.... Keep all information in one place so you can quickly grab it. Do this for all loved ones, not just your pets, but kids, parents, anyone that you care about. It could make a difference.