Tips To Socialising Your Dog


Would you like to have a pet dog that is fun to be with? A source of happiness and laughter? The kind of dog that can be the life of the party? Then you are definitely reading the right article. It is true as they say, that some dogs are naturally playful and social, just like some humans are extroverts, but as some introverts eventually become outspoken with time and practice. This means that dogs that may not be naturally playful and social, can be taught to be social. Here are some tips to help you get the sociality out of your dog.

Exercise your dog – Exercising your dog in itself is good for the health of the dog. Dogs have energy stored up in their bodies for days and they need to use up this energy, to prevent misbehaving and excess energy. Asides this, your dog will be fit, and in good shape. However, exercising your dog might be through games (for smaller dogs), or outdoor activities like running (for bigger dogs). Either way, they are interacting on a social level, while they also get exposed to the outside world in the process. The more this is done, the familiar they get with the process. Also, do not forget to put a leash around your dogs neck when you’re running outdoors.


Familiarize your dog with things and people early – Dogs do not have all their lives to familiarise with people, things, sounds, smells, etc. They only have the first eighteen weeks of their lives. Hence, whatever and whoever they familiarise with at this stage makes up the safe and harmless things that will ever know. This is why caging your dog is directly or indirectly ruining its chance at socialisation. Caged dogs are always hostile and ready to attack. You might want a dog for security purposes, but what use will the dog be when there are no threats? Socialisation should start early in dogs.

Allow and build breed specific behaviors – Some breeds are known for picking up trails, while others are defensive and territorial, some are all about attacking. It is good enough for you to have learnt and/or know what the specific breed traits are. The Anger many times is just passion being experienced in congratulations. As long as we are happy, and our pets are also happy to warm up.

At many times, especially when cases are won, like this worthy crash that almost took his life, he is also pumped and ready to win by all means. Even if it means I will cheat, then I have not seen him before. You can play catch with a pursuit dog, or create a game of scent training for a dog that is known for taking.

All these exercises combined together will definitely bring your dog to a level of sociality. You don’t have to force your dog, so that you don’t make him a command dog, instead of a social dog.