Top 7 Best and Cutest Dog Breeds of All Time

dogbreed3Are you interested in getting a new dog? If it is your first time, choosing the right one can be quite difficult, especially with all the breeds that you can pick. But do not fret too much. This post will guide you through the best dog breeds that will surely satisfy your needs and preferences. 1. Beagle – this breed is ideal for people who can put up with high maintenance brushing and bathing. Charlie Brown’s best friend is a lovable dog for children because of its energetic and friendly attitude. They are also great nannies that can help you tuck your kids to sleep. 2. Border Collie – these dogs are made to make their human owners happy. They are a very intelligent breed that can be trained to do a lot of tricks such as standing on two legs, catching and returning a Frisbee, running through an obstacle course, and even solving math problems through a series of barks. However, they are highly energetic so you need to dedicate hours of playtime every day. Their long, double coats are high maintenance so regular brushing is also required. 3. Newfoundland – they have a natural love for toddlers which makes them “Nature’s greatest nannies.” It is very hard not to fall in love with their sweet and caring temperament. They are gigantic fur balls that love open spaces. Newfoundlands enjoy the company of their owners and they are dedicated in keeping an eye out for them. However, watch out for their drooling and shedding habits. 4. Pomeranian – it is a toy dog breed that originated from the bigger Spitz type dogs. They are a favorite among a lot of dog owners because of their tiny body and active personality. They have an extremely fluffy fur that is addicting to pet. Their cute, beady eyes will surely lighten you up when you are in a bad mood. 5. Siberian Husky – their fierce and intense gaze may look intimidating, but do not be fooled by their looks. These are loving and loyal creatures that will stick with you through thick and thin. Since they are slightly massive and energetic, they require a lot of exercise to keep their body in shape. In addition, their fur also needs to be groomed regularly. 6. Akita Inu – these dogs are often described as calm, intelligent, affectionate, and courageous. Akita Inu always looks for a pack leader so it is important that you train them well during their childhood. Because of their majestic and foxy appearance, they always stand out when you walk them in your neighborhood. 7. Bulldog – they have a smug face that only a mother can love. However, they are faithful and sturdy family pets that can withstand hyperactive kids. They are not that energetic which means that they are usually calm and easy to handle. They are also not that picky with their homes, so they can live in a small apartment as long you frequently clean it. Final Notes No matter what dog breed you get, it is imperative that you learn how to take care of them. Always give adequate exercise and training so that they will not get bored and became too destructive. Grooming should be done regularly if you want to retain their cute appearance. In addition, take them to your veterinarian regularly to properly assess their health condition.