Top Virtual Pet Sites

Ever wanted your own pet? But your parents won't let you? Well virtual pets are the next best thing! There are loads of virtual pet sites out there, far more then you can imagine. The basics in each petsites is that: You adopt a pet, feed them, play with them, read with them. Earn the site's currency by playing games and doing quests. Interact with other users through forums and petsite mailing and that's basically all you do. But most sites have their ups and downs, so throughout this article, I will list the most well known pet sites, and give you more information about them. Then, hopefully by the end of this article, you have decided which petsite(s) you would want to join. Name of Site: Neopets. Most pets You Can Own: 4 . Allowed Multiple Accounts?: Yes, up to 4. Number of Registered Accounts: Over 50 million, but most are frozen or multiple accounts. Total Amount of Pet Species: For the moment, 50 and several limited addition pets. Creator(s): Adam and Donna, but they no longer own the site. Link: Upside: There is so much to do on Neopets. It has more games/quests then any other petsite. Plots are often forming and it has more features to keep their players entertained than any other petsite. Downside: Recently, Neopets seems to have gotten a lot more 'greedy'. New players are often called 'noobs', the staff is absolutely no help and don't seem to care about their players at all. Accounts are often frozen for no given reason. When trouble starts on the forums, staff takes no action to stop it. All in all, in the past few years, Neopet's user friendliness has been declining rapidly. Name of Site: Marapets Most Pets You Can Own: 12 Allowed Multiple Accounts?: No Number of Registered Accounts: 1,894,739 Total Amount of Pet Species: 43 for the moment Creator: Ian Upside: There is quite a lot you can do with your pets on Marapets, and the site currency is easy to make too Downside: The advertisement is horrible, some aren't appropiate for children and they get into the way of gameplay too. The artwork isn't that good either and currently there is only ONE artist. Upgraded accounts (which costs real life money) seem to be able to access a lot more features then non upgraded accounts, there is a huge barriar between them. Name of Site: Powerpets Most Pets You Can Own: 4 pets, one a month Allowed Multiple Accounts?: No. Number of Registered Accounts: Over 800,000 Total Amount of Pet Species: 60 for the moment Creaters: Liz and Tony Upside: For those that want to get involved, there is quite a lot to do, one is example is that you can publish your own book! The animals are a lot more realistic too. There aren't many glithes and bugs on Powerpets either, only a few. The advertisement are only for things within the site, which won't harm your gameplay much. Site currency is easy to make and the economy isn't bad. They also update regularly.The users are friendly and staff are too. Downside: Well, I can't really find any except for that the artwork isn't that good, and currently, there aren't many games available. Name of Site: Subeta Most Pets You Can Own:5 for a free account, but if you get a Gold Account, you will be able to get 10 pets the only way to get more than 10 is if you're staff Allowed Multiple Accounts?: No Total Amount of Pet Species: 51 at the moment Number of Registered Accounts: Around 100,000 Creater: Keith Link: Upside: The community is great, as well as the artwork. SP's(site currency) are easy to earn by doing quests. There is over 75 different pet species to choose from, giving the user a wide variety.The advertisement hardly affects the gameplay and there is only one at the bottom of the page. Downside: Subeta has a history for lagging and is often down for maintenance, this is a great drawback and can affect many users, especially when you are in the middle of doing something important. The upsides and downsides are just mine ad most other users opinions and may not be the same for everyone. But anyways, hope this have helped!