Vaccines Your Dog Should Never Miss


You must have heard that dogs are to take a number of vaccines at their early age for their health. Do you however know what vaccines they need and why? There are many stray and homeless dogs that took no vaccines and are doing very well. These dogs have a quite different make up from the ones you keep as pet at home and they may not need the vaccines your pet will need to take. More so, stray dogs don’t have to live with humans and so there is no risk of the transmission of any disease or virus. Your pet dog needs to be vaccinated for but its safety and yours, especially if you have kids. There are two major categories of vaccines – Core vaccines and non-core vaccines. Core vaccines are the ones your dog would need crucially during its early growth stage, as a puppy. While non-core vaccines are other bacterial vaccines that your dog could take but shouldn’t take frequently. Although many veterinarians, for the purpose of making more sales recommend more vaccines than dogs need to pet owners, taking too many vaccines could be quite harmful to your dog, as much as not taking them can be. This is why you must know what vaccines to take.

Rabies (1-Year) – This vaccine is taken by puppies within the period of their birth till they ar sixteen weeks old. It is mostly advised to not be administered before the dog is three months old, and should be administered only once. After the first sixteen months, it should then be administered once every year (a single dose). This is one of the most important vaccines for a dog because rabies is deadly and incurable. So, the best only most times, only option, is to vaccinate them, in order to keep both them and the people they may come in contact with safe.

Rabies (3-Year) – This is more like an advanced vaccine for rabies. It is to be taken at one dose at the interval of three years after it must have been administered around the first three months. Although, this is a vaccine for every three years, it should be taken around three months and once when the dog is about a year old till before the three year interval becomes effectual. This vaccine is also to protect your pet dog from rabies.

Distemper – Distemper happens to be a disease that causes damages to the brain of the dog.  It is airborne and when a dog has it, the damages caused are irreversible; it cause permanent damages to the brain of the dog. The vaccination which is meant to protect dogs from such a condition is to be given to the dog about three times (or more) between the first six and sixteen weeks of its life. They should be administered three to four weeks apart. When they are done with the first three, they should take one dose for the first one year and one booster for every three years after that.

Other core vaccines include parvovirus and adenovirus (types 1 &2). The administration of vaccines actually varies from country to country and sometimes state to state. You should make research to find out the specific requirements for you. Vaccinations should not be missed, they are the live saver of dogs and they make it safe for the dogs to be our pets.