Welsh Mountain Pony: Intelligent Pet Pony Highly Suitable for Children

The Welsh Mountain Pony is an intelligent pony highly suitable for the children, and is a highly loveable animal which originated from the Wales. They are smaller than the average horse, and have been known for their fun, loving nature which makes them a popular breed for the children, and in general, a good pet pony to have especially since it enjoys the company of humans and other animals. The Welsh Mountain Pony is not very large at all, and will usually only stand up to 120 centimeters in average; they are smaller than the average horse. They have a small head, and large eyes which makes them look absolutely adorable, and a small muzzle. They have a relatively long neck, and their tail should be held high. They are known to be quite the good-looking pony and thus are sometimes even shown at the shows. They are generally displayed in shows in United States and also Great Britain, and are a wonderful sight to see. The Welsh Mountain Pony is one of the best pet ponies one could get for children due to their fun and loving nature. They are known as a sociable pony, and will enjoy human companionship or even companionship from the other ponies. Because they are gentle, and also easy to ride, they are appropriate even for the youngest children. They are also not too hard to maintain and care for. Other than being an amazing pet, this pony is also suitable for work in the harness. The Welsh Mountain Ponies is known for their ability to adjust to the different environmental conditions. They are believed to be in Wales even before the Romans and they also have had quite a difficult past. For example, the climate of the island is often harsh and unpredictable; however, this species of Mountain Pony has a great ability to adapt. Also, during the reign of Henry VIII, he had a law that all horses under 15 hands must be destroyed; despite this, the Welsh Mountain Pony was still capable of surviving and avoiding the tragedy. The Welsh Mountain Pony is known for its intelligence, and the fact that it can be a wonderful pet due to its gentle nature, and the fact that it is fun and loving. They enjoy company, and are great with little children as long as they are in supervision, and the adult knows what they are doing.