What makes a dog so very lovable?

Portrait of a little dog on the porchGetting a pet can really be a very exciting thing, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. However, it is always observed that most of the people find getting a pet a really exciting experience only when they’re getting a dog. Well, in fact, a lot of people who desire of a pet always first think of getting a dog, and probably go for other animals only if there is some problem in getting a dog as a pet like limited space, low budget, less time to spend with the dog, etc. However, what is to be observed is the fact that people always love to get a dog as their pet. What makes dogs so very lovable? Well, a lot of things. Let’s have a look at some of them: Liveliness being in their nature A lot of times, we observe that other pets like cats, etc are lively only for sometime during the day and are usually quiet otherwise. However, a dog is probably one of the few pets, if not the only, to stay in a lively mood almost throughout the day. You just call his name and he will come running at you, with his tail shaking uncontrollably. This is one of the most popular reasons why so many people love dogs. After all, they usually never fail to cheer one up, irrespective of the mood he or she is in. Also, when you are back from a tiring day’s work, a dog’s liveliness and cheering you up act can help you get rid of that tiredness and instill a feeling of pleasantness in you as well. ChihuahuaCaring nature How doesn’t like people love care for them? Similarly, who wouldn’t like someone, be it a dog, if they care a lot for them. Dogs are usually believed to be very caring. You usually won’t fine them doing their own stuff if you are in a bad mood. They would instead come to you and try to cheer you up. Similar is the case when you are crying. Many a times we can observe that when one of the family member is crying, a dog comes and tries to lick him or her, tries to get himself patted and cheer up that person in similar ways. This shows how far a dog can go to make you feel better, and shower you with its care. Attachment The level of attachment a dog can have with his owner is simply astonishing. There are numerous examples when the owner goes out of town for a week or so and the dog gets very lonely. It sometimes also stops eating and loses his playfulness and liveliness. This simply shows how attached a dog can be with his owner. This is usually not believed to be the case with cats, as they seem pretty independent and don’t mind their owner leaving them back for a week or so given that there is someone else to take care of their basic needs.