Why both a cat and a dog can be disappointing as a pet?

dogsSUM_1768052bThere are quite a lot of discussions, arguments, expert’s takes, etc about which one is the better animal as a pet between a dog and a cat. However, if one goes into more details, it can be found that for a lot of people, both may be quite disappointing as a pet. In fact, getting a pet as a whole can be a very problematic idea for many, as they need quite a lot of things to be taken care of. Some of the reasons why a cat can be disappointing as a pet: Lack of liveliness and activity A cat is usually believed to be a very independent pet, and doesn’t need a lot of time from its owner. However, now though this may seem a good thing to some, it is also to be noted that it doesn’t even like spending a lot of time with its owner or anybody else and instead likes to be calm and alone a lot of times. What this means for you is that you won’t be able to play with it or even get too involved with it all throughout the day so if you’re looking for a pet for solely to have someone as a company, a cat may indeed be quite disappointing for you. The litter box problems Well, cat owners usually always have to clean a cat’s litter box, which obviously may not seem very good to some. Now though a lot of litter boxes do claim that they are automatic or so and so, the fact that they do require cleaning the thing one may not like to doesn’t change. Some of the reasons why a dog can be disappointing as a pet: Requires too much time to be spent with itdogs_1768053b A dog is a very lively and active animal. You can’t just get a dog as your pet and follow your hectic schedules like you normally do. In fact, if you need to follow considerably hectic schedules regularly, getting a pet can altogether be a very bad idea. Hence, be sure to shell out a considerable amount of time from your schedule if you are thinking of getting a dog as a pet, or getting one can turn out to be a very disappointing experience for both you and the pet. Shouldn’t be left alone for longer periods of time A dog, besides being very lively, energetic and active, also seems to be very sensitive. It gets too attached with its owner and the other family members, and may not be able to bear being away from them for a very long period of time. In fact, staying away even for shorter periods of time can sometimes affect the health of a dog considerably and hence you need to be very cautious in this matter. A lot of times they may even end up feeling depressed, which is something no owner would want. Hence, if you are someone who needs to travel long for a long time every now and then, getting a dog as your pet may be a big no.