Why cats are considered to be cute by many?

Cats are among the animals most kept as domestic pets. In fact, there is a majority of people who prefer cats over other animals. There are many reasons for this preference such as loyalty, cleanliness, and most importantly, cuteness. The soft fur, the pleasant sounds and playfulness attracts you towards them. Apparently the features that engage your attention towards them are their almond shape eyes, cut petite nose, small paws and coats of soft and shiny fur, but there are deeper reasons as to why many consider them adorable. catWhat makes cats so very cute? Cats, especially domestic ones, mimic a toddler appearance. They sleep next to you, snuggling like babies. They even put their paws on your arms while they sleep right next to you. Moreover, when they sleep by themselves, which is a lot, they keep their paws on their chest and nose resembling a sleeping baby. Their action stimulates human brain to feel maternal or paternal affection towards them. Since we know that in reality they are just animals, the affection is perceived as cuteness. Moreover, their thick, soft fur and warm bodies makes them nice to touch, pet and hug. There are numerous cute tricks and mannerisms associated with the cats. They show their feelings in such a way that it simply melts your heart. They show their affection by tugging along making them adorable. When a cat rolls over onto its back they usually want a tummy rub but when they lay at your feet at their backs with feet up in the air they look darn cute. They push their head against your body to indicate that they want something – food, water, affection, etc. kittenThe natural cuteness cats come with Cats love to fit and sit into things, wardrobe compartments, shoe boxes, grocery bags, etc. Even when the space is not sufficient like a bottle-cap, they still don’t shy away from the challenge. They experiment with any and everything. Often their experiments result in them falling over, getting stuck or walking away as if nothing has happened. It just makes you love and adore them more. They fall asleep at strangest of places like computer keyboards, window sill, bathtubs, shoe rack, etc. You will wake up to find you cat sitting on top of your dresser or night stand. You may hush them away but not without smiling to yourself. The meow sound that cat makes to attract your attention is another adorable quality which makes cat simply loveable. They take on your stress as well Cats are amazing stress releasers from a day of tension and strain. They often do small cute and funny things such as playing with a string. You play with them and immediately feel better. Even if they are just sitting around, they look adorable due to their innate beauty and features. The internet is full of cute and delightful pictures and videos which bring a smile to your face instantly. It is their cuteness and adorable features that have made them everybody’s favorite on and off the web.