Why getting a cat can be extremely annoying?

753Pets are loved throughout the world by a lot of people. They obviously have a lot of offer when it comes to being a company for the owner, spreading liveliness in the home, helping one cheer up, and so on. However, different types of pets have different types of things to offer to the owner and their family. When it comes to cats though, one can find a lot of mixed opinions. While some love them as a pet for being quiet, not requiring much attention, and being independent, some dislike them as a pet for numerous reasons. Now though in general getting a cat as your pet might seem quite a good thing, it can actually turn out to be an extremely annoying one, thanks to the reasons given below: Cats like to live in themselves Well, this drawback can be directly related to their quality of independence. As said above, though some people might appreciate the fact that cats are independent and don’t require a lot of attention and time, some people might point out that they aren’t a great choice as a company as well. After all, being quite independent, they like to live in themselves, which might turn out to be a not-so-good thing for many. Furthermore, if the whole intention of getting a pet was to have someone for company, getting a cat may obviously turn out to be rather disappointing. Cats aren’t very livelycats_looking_annoyed_hating_owners_5 Unlike dogs, cats won’t surround you all day. They instead like to sit in a corner of your home, quietly and in a relaxed way. Furthermore, they don’t even like to be disturbed every now and then. So, even if you want someone for a company and try to get involved with the cat, you may not get much response if the latter isn’t in a very lively mood. This lack of liveliness is something that might disappoint quite a lot of people, and hence something that discourages getting a cat as a pet. The litter box factor This is probably one of the most annoying things about a cat. A lot of cat owners, regardless of how much love they have for their cat, end up rather annoyed when they have to clean the litter box. Even worse, they might sometimes have to clean the floors as well, as not all cats might be smart enough to use the litter box. Also, though a lot of litter boxes claim that they won’t require one to deal with any ugly stuff. However, this usually never turns out to be a case, and regardless of how expensive the litter box you get for your cat is, you might have to clean things that you may not like to. Cats are extremely difficult to train This is a major setback as well for cat lovers. A cat can turn out to be one of the most difficult animals to train as a pet. While on the other hand, a dog of an intelligent breed might be quite easy to train. Hence, if you are someone who expects that your cat would do a lot of unique things by going through extensive training sessions, know that you might end up disappointed.