Why having a pet can be an irritating thing?


Having a desire to get a pet is a pretty common thing, especially nowadays, when it gets so tempting to get a pet seeing your neighbors and friends have one. However, deciding to get a pet is a pretty basic thing, dealing with the issues that lay in front of you after getting one is way more challenging and sometimes, irritating.

Getting a pet you love may surely be a very delighting thing. However, caring for it as well as spending an adequate amount of time with it even when you are not in the right mood is what that can make things irritating. Here are a few things why getting a pet can be a very irritating thing:

Grey rabbit in green grass
Spending a considerable amount of time

Be sure that you are willing to spend a considerable amount of time regularly with your pet before even deciding to get one. Pets like a dog will require you to actually spend a lot of time with them, and if you are not prepared for it beforehand, things may surely get very irritating for you.

Now, some people may argue that if spending time is a problem, one may go with a pet like cat. However, there are several things that point that this may not be a very good idea. They are:

  • Compromising on your liking: Now if a person wants to get a dog, but settles for a cat just because he or she cannot spend a considerable amount of time it, they are surely compromising on their liking. In such a case, regardless of whether things get irritating for them or not, things surely won’t be pleasant, as the owner doesn’t like his pet in the first place.
  • Doesn’t solve the problem completely: If you’re someone way too busy to spend time with your pet, even getting something like a cat may not be a very good idea. After all, though it requires less time, it surely can’t do without any.
  • Illness problems: A cat may require you to spend as much time as a dog does when it gets ill, if not more. Hence, one shouldn’t just see the brighter side of the thing but should also consider the negative one.

Caring for it

Taking care of a pet requires quite a lot of efforts, if not to say as much as caring for a human. A pet owner may have to spend a considerable amount of time researching the right type of food to feed the pet, training it, teaching it certain tricks and so on.


If you’re thinking of getting something like a big dog, be prepared to be in for a thorough and challenging job of training it. Training consists of two parts in general:

  • Educating yourself on how to train your pet.
  • Actually training your pet.

Now though it may sound pretty simple and easy to many of us, it has a much wider meaning and means putting in a lot of efforts. Hence, if you’re someone who does not wish to get busy with such things, you might as well skip the idea of getting a pet completely, or at least of getting a big dog as a pet.