Why is Adopting from Shelters Better than Buying Cats?

If you have already made a decision to get a pet cat, congratulations! A cat is undoubtedly a great addition to your household and a cute and cuddly new member to your family. You may now be thinking on where you find a cat to take home. It may be tempting to buy that kitten you repeatedly check out at the pet store, but have you ever considered adopting a cat from a shelter instead?cat adoption The best place to find a fur baby to call your own is from animal shelters. These places are known to have a huge selection of cats ranging from pure breeds, mixed-breeds, and domestic breeds of all shapes and sizes. You will surely find your perfect match in an animal shelter! Here are some other reasons why adopting is a way better option than purchasing from your local pet store or cat breeder: •           There are so thousands of cats waiting to get adopted in shelters. Recent surveys reveal that there are millions of stray cats that find themselves in shelters. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, these cats are euthanized. You can stop this unethical practice and give cat a second chance of a happy life by adopting from shelters. They are just as cute, cuddly, and lovable as those cats that you can purchase from breeders. •           Rather than spending thousands of dollars at the pet store, why not rescue an animal instead? You simply cannot buy love, and cats in animal shelters are the ones that need more attention and care that only pet parents can give. Although shelters will charge an adoption fee in exchange for a pet cat, the amount is minimal compared to the money you will need to spend if and when you decide to buy from a local pet store. •           By adopting rather than buying a cat you are helping in the efforts to reduce animal cruelty. Bear in mind that local pet stores buy the cats and dogs they showcase in their storefront from kitten and puppy mills. These creatures live in tight conditions, which make it easy for them to develop health conditions once they are ready to be sold to customers. On the other hand, those from animal shelters and rescue organizations receive adequate care and attention that they are comparatively healthier. A reduction in the demand for pure breed cats from pet stores will successfully eradicate the demand for breeding cats in small spaces altogether. •           Lastly, when you choose to adopt a cat, you are saving a life. Instead of euthanasia they are given the opportunity to have a family that they can be with for many years. Even domestic cats are just as intelligent, beautiful, and charming as pure breeds from pet stores. The act of adoption itself will also make you more aware of the current situation in the cat and dog breeding industry. For a small amount, you not only get a cat, but a companion that will stay cute, loving, and loyal for days, weeks, and years to come.