Why training a pet can take a long time?


Sleepy Kitten
Many times a pet becomes an indispensable part of the family. The pet will give you unconditional affection and loyalty and will be your best friend. Even though your pet may be the most innocent creature on Earth, some of the habits may make your neighbors or visitors feel jittery. All living beings fall prey to bad habits. Bad habits are like soft cushions, very easy to fall into but very difficult to come out of. So although you may admire and adore your pet make sure you teach it the right habits. Remember you will be responsible for the behavior of your pet and some of its irksome tendencies may embarrass you at times.

However it is a well known fact that most obstacles in life can be overcome with will and desire. Just as education and ethics make a person refined and polished, the right training can transform your pet into a gentle and well behaved one. But the transformation period could be a real test of your patience.

You may find the pet to be stupid and stubborn, but the fact is you have not understood your pet well enough. Pets, like humans, have different levels of intelligence. Some will understand you quickly while others may not understand what you really expect. So before you unleash your ire at the poor thing make sure the pet is being communicated the way it understands. Sometimes pets take a long time to learn because they are not given the proper instructions.

Dog taking a bath in a bathtub
It is very important to have the right approach to your pet. There should be the right balance between the rage and the serenity. Sometimes a little bit of encouragement can do a world of good. A little reward for the right behavior will pep up the pet and constant hammering will bog him down. Sometimes the pet takes more time to learn simply because you are not considering its point of view.

There are myths regarding the right age for training the pet. There are several false beliefs that the pet starts learning from a particular age. In fact, the sooner you start training the pet the better it is. The pet is able to grasp things very easily at a young age. However most trainers do the opposite and this makes their task really difficult.

Sometimes we feel that the pet is being over aggressive or dominant. It is very important to understand the difference between dominance and enthusiasm. The pet may jump at you to understand you better. This might make you go nuts at your pet. Your outburst might scare the pet and it may force him into a shell. It may then take a really long time until your pet is comfortable with you again.

So training a pet can be an arduous activity.  It is important that one develops the patience to understand the pet. However once you understand your pet you can be sure to gain the love and loyalty of your most trusted friend.