Why You Shouldn’t Eat Your Pet Chicken

While walking through Farm n Fleet I saw a metal container with cute fluffy like creatures running around. At first, I thought they were ducks but I later found out that they were really chickens. Ducks and chickens look a lot alike but you can tell them apart by their beaks. Ducks have more rounded beaks and chickens have very pointy stubby beaks. They sell baby chickens at Farm n Fleet for farmers. If you have a baby chicken you will need some type of pine bedding and a heat lamp to place above the container to keep them warm. Chickens are truly amazing creatures. Chickens all look differently. Some chickens have more hair than you and I combined. Some chickens even have hair on their feet. They won't harm anybody, they are just chickens. They might chase you but as long as you're fast, you'll be fine. Chickens aren't necessarily a good family pet unless you spend a lot of time with the chicken at a very young age. If you live in the city you might not be able to have a chicken because it would qualify as a farm animal. You will want to make sure that you have a nice fenced in yard for your chicken or chickens. You will also need to make sure that you don't treat your lawn with any type of chemicals that could get your chickens sick. Chickens might taste good but why kill your household pet for one meal that you could purchase from KFC for less than five dollars? Chickens love to eat and they will eat anything. You will want to purchase some type of chicken food and you can give the chickens fruits or veggies (leftovers) or give the chickens food from your table or garden. Here's something to think about: If you are a chicken lover you could eat this chicken and save yourself about five dollars which is more than you paid for the chicken to begin with or you could keep the cute little chicken alive and eat all the chicken eggs! Think about all the fresh eggs you will get! You will get at least one dollars worth of eggs every day or every other day. That's getting your moneys worth. Even if the chicken only lays about six dozen eggs you're still saving more money than eating that chicken. If you have a chicken, have fun with it. Don't let it hurt you and have respect for the chicken. Chickens have feelings too.