Would You Want a Pet Chipmunk?

Most people do not have pet chipmunks but they can be very tame. You should never keep more than one chipmunk in a cage because they love to have their own privacy. You can purchase a bath house for a chinchilla, which is an excellent place for your chipmunk to hide or perch on top of. If you place two chipmunks together they will usually fight because of this need for privacy. If you place a couple of houses together than they can both hide in you might not have any problems but usually they will become stressed out and fight with one another. Chipmunks can become very tame if you have enough time to spend with the animal. They love to be handled and they like attention. Pet owners that have chipmunks usually have to handle them by their tails. You need to be very careful with handling a chipmunk by it's tail because they can break off. Most chipmunks that are kept as pets will not live longer than six years old. Chipmunks that don't have their own area to retreat to will probably not live longer than a couple years in captivity. Chipmunks also need something that they can chew on. Without something to chew on, their teeth will grow very large and grow through their jaws or they will become so uncomfortable they will completely stop eating. Make sure to purchase some type of chew blocks for your chipmunk to chew on. Chipmunks in the wild will usually eat fruits, veggies, seeds, shrubs and some types of tree bark to your surprise. You should find a way to feed your chipmunk a variety of items to make sure the chipmunk has a healthy diet. You can also give the chipmunk vitamin drops in the chipmunks water bottle. If your chipmunk will not drink from a water bottle you will need to supply it with a water dish. Make sure that the cage that you purchase has plenty of room for the chipmunk to jump and climb things. It will also need to be a very secure cage made from metal so that the chipmunk does not chew his way through the side of the cage. You will also need to place some items in the chipmunks cage that it can use to nest with. Bedding works very well for burrowing and forming nests. If you place two chipmunks together they will easily breed in your cage. Cages are best placed outside. Animals from the wild need natural sunlight which cannot be replicated inside.