5 Common Things That Makes Veterinarians Mad


Any kind of human doctor would have a hard time diagnosing different people of different things, trying to understand what is wrong with a patient that cannot perfectly explain what he is going through and tolerating annoying clients. It could be harder for veterinarians, who have to deals with animals. Veterinarians are not gods, they make mistakes too, but this article is about things that pet owners could do to make a veterinarian’s job harder than it already is. Most of these things unfortunately happens to be very uncommon and unnoticed things, while some others are just out-rightly bad. Here are five common ones.

ALLOWING PETS TO ROAM ABOUT THE VETERINARY HOSPITAL – When a pet owner comes to consult with a veterinarian, he or she is expected to keep the pet around them and under control. Most times, it is more advisable to carry your pet in a carrier or hold them with a leash. If at all you have to leave your pet to do something, make sure they are restricted to a specific area in the hospital and not left to roam about.

DENYING THE FACT OF THE SITUATION – Many pet owners bring their dogs to professionals but would make the job of the veterinarian harder by denying the fact that the professional tells them. Such situation is when a Veterinarian has noticed the excessively long claws of the pet and acknowledges it but the pet owner disagrees that the claws are just fine, or when a dog has had a bad diet for a period of time, but the owner says the diet is good. If the professional opinion wasn’t wanted, then the owner shouldn’t have visited a veterinarian. It also hurts a veterinarian to find out that you didn’t do what they told you to do.

BRINGING KIDS TO A VETERINARY ENVIRONMENT – Controlling the pets in this environment is enough to make a person mad, not to talk of bringing kids to add to the problem. Kids are cool, but they could be a handful sometimes, especially when a person is seriously working. There could be exceptions to this, but if it can be avoided, it should be avoided. Kids, especially toddlers, should not be brought to the veterinary environment.

ANSWERING CALLS DURING A CONSULTATION – This could just be very disrespectful to anybody. Picking a call to interrupt a conversation could send a lot of difficult messages to the person you are in a conversation with. Veterinarians are humans, they also have feelings and also deserve some respect and credit for their hard work. If you must pick your call during a consultation, do it very politely.

EVADING PAYMENT – Almost every veterinary hospital has the inscription ‘payment is expected when services are rendered’ in front of it, but some people still evade payment after receiving the service. It is very bad to use the service of anyone and refuse to pay. How are they supposed to live if no one pays them?

Veterinarians would love to have a blissful and smooth deal with all their clients, but it may not turn out to be so. You as a pet owner must help your veterinarian to help your pet have a wonderful life.