7 Human Foods That Are Toxic To Dogs


Dogs are one of the best pets to have, as they are often referred to as man’s best friends. This closeness between humans and their dogs can cause a pet owner to share their human food with their dogs. It is even a major pattern of feeding for a lot of people to leave their dogs some leftovers of their human food. This may seem to be a very happy thing to do, it is not bad but it could be. While this could be a nice and friendly thing to do, one could be killing his dog unknowingly. There are certain human foods that are toxic for dogs. Below are a few of them;


Chocolate may not be harmful to you as a man, but your anatomy and metabolism is quite different from your dog’s. Theobromine is a stimulant (like caffeine) in chocolate that could damage the heart, the kidney, the nervous system of the dog that consumes chocolate in less than twenty-four hours. The dog could have seizures, diarrhea, uneasiness and even vomiting as symptoms of the consumption of theobromine.


Being a stimulant just like the theobromine in chocolate, caffeine also affects dogs in almost the same way. Caffeine has a greater and quicker effect on dogs than humans. It could also cause complications to the nervous system, heart, liver and guts. The symptoms are the same with theobromine.


Allium species generally have adverse effect on dogs when consumed. They can irritate the guts and stomach and end up causing anaemia and fatal damages to the red blood cells. Specifically, onions are toxic to dogs, regardless of the form it’s in; cooked, raw or dried, even little pieces in food crumbs. It will cause various illness including poisoning that would only be discovered day after.


All kinds of mouldy foods such as bread, dairy products and nuts are very harmful to dogs. They contain toxic elements that could cause a very fatal illness to fall on a dog in a very short period of consumption. All kinds if mouldy foods should be kept out of dogs’ reach.


Alcohol could be toxic to man, how much more dogs? As caffeine has more fatal effects on dogs than on human, so does alcohol have huge toxicity for dogs. A dog that consumes the smallest quantity of alcohol may start vomiting, behaving abnormally, may have diarrhea, difficult breathing, coma and even death. Alcohol is one of the most toxic human foods for a dog.


It is known of yeast to rise and this in dogs can cause a blockage in their stomach or intestines. The gas in the yeast can be accumulated in the dog’s digestive system, which will be very painful for the dog. Even bread crumbs can be threats to dogs.


As strange as this may sound, dogs can choke on big bone or strong bone when they can’t be broken. They can damage their teeth and also sustain internal injury by swallowing sharp bones. It is more advisable to give your dog soft and cooked bones.

While one may be eager to connect with their dogs in many ways, one must also watch out for their health within all the happiness. It might just be a costly joy.