A Pet Bluebird – Easy to Care for and Play With

Bluebirds and Cardinals are perhaps the prettiest wild bird you will see outside your kitchen window. They have remarkable colors and many people have them as pets. Both Bluebirds and Cardinals are found in the same areas, in the northeastern and southeastern states. They are also located in the central region as well. Bluebirds are found in Mexico also. Cardinals are known to be red and Bluebirds are blue in color. The male bluebirds are a little bit different than the females. The females are not as bring of a blue color and the males will have a little bit of brown on the neck. The females will have when appears to be a white stripe around her neck. This is how you can tell which bluebird you have. Bluebirds love to eat fruits and even some types of smaller insects such as beatles and crickets. You can purchase feeder crickets at the pet store to feed your bluebird. Sometimes it's illegal to keep wild animals in some states. You will need to look up certain laws before you catch or find a bluebird. You might need a permit to have the bluebird. Bluebirds are not as large and some other types of birds such as African Grey's and Cockatoos. This makes them easy to care for and people are apt to play with the smaller birds because they don't think they will rip their fingers off! Smaller birds will bite too from time to time but only when they feel cornered or threatened. You should always try to coax your bird out of the cage first and then gently place a finger by the birds feet but keep a close eye out to make sure that the bird doesn't try to bite you. You should bring your bird out of the cage for some exercise. The cage doesn't need to be terribly big and it should have some perches and toys just like other birds require. You will also need a food dish and a water dish for the bluebird. Perhaps you can get two bluebirds to keep themselves occupied and happy. If you only have one bluebird make sure that you spend time with it and it doesn't get bored. Bluebirds can be very loving pets if you have them at a young age and spend a lot of time with them. If you have a bluebird than consider yourself lucky because it's not every day that people can see a bluebird up close like you can. Most people will try to draw them into their yards with bird feeders and such.