Core Vaccination For Cats


If you own a cat, then someone must have asked you if you vaccinate your pet and if you do, what vaccinations you get for them. This happens to be a normal question people who also have pets or who are intending to get one will ask you as a pet owner. However, it is very important to have enough valid information about everything you do and every single thing you pay for. Should you be paying for it and why you should pay for it? If you are planning on getting a new cat, the information that you will find in this article will be the most precious to you. Taking advice from veterinarians is very important and almost always advisable, but no one can guarantee that the suggestions of your vet are always in your interest and not another way to get some change from you. This does not in any way undermine the profession of veterinarians, it only manifests that even veterinarians are humans and humans will do all within their power to make more money (it should not be a crime). You are not supposed to fall victim of unnecessary pet expenses and you should know what vaccines your cat takes, if it should take it and why it should take the vaccination; which is why this article is being written.

Rabies – As with dogs, the vaccination for rabies also top the list of vaccinations in cats. This is because rabies is also very deadly in cats and it does not have any available cure. This incurability coupled with the fact that it can be likewise deadly to humans is why it is one the top of the list of vaccines as protection is its only cure. This vaccine should be administered as early as when the cat is eight weeks old and repeated after 12 months from the first vaccination. The product of the vaccine may differ, but this vaccine should be continually repeated either at a year interval or at the interval of three years.

Feline Herpesvirus – This virus causes the disease called FVR (Feline viral rhinotracheitis), which affects the respiration. It is also very contagious. The vaccine should be taken as early as well the cat is up to six weeks old and continued till it is sixteen weeks old at intervals of about three weeks. After this first series have been completed, a booster should be given for a year and every three years after that.

Feline Distemper – This disease is responsible for a large number of deaths in kittens. The vaccination should be given as early as after six weeks into the cat’s life, every three to four weeks until it is sixteen week old. After this first series have been completed, a booster should be given for a year and every three years after that.

Calicivirus – This virus causes a respiratory disease that includes oral ulcers, joint pain, anorexia and fever. Its vaccine should be administered two times; at the interval of three to four weeks, when the cat is eight weeks old, once after a year and then once after every three years.

Vaccines in cats should not be missed, as most of the core vaccines in every pet are to  prevent incurable diseases.