Dog Breeds That Are Great with Children

Dog Breeds That Are Great with Childrendog breed for children
Are you looking for a kid-friendly pet? Here is the list comprising nine of the best dog breeds for children:
  1. Shih Tzu – This breed ranks as the most kid-friendly among all small dog breeds.  They are ideal as companion dogs.  Kids love how animated and spirited they can be as pets and play companions.  The best part of owning a Shih Tzu is that they are the most affectionate breed of dogs.
  2. Golden Retriever – Do not let its size deceive you; Golden Retrievers are the most patient dogs in the large breed category.  This patience is what makes them great with children.  High-energy breed, you will need to provide your pet with frequent exercise.  You can take advantage of the breed’s natural playfulness to meet this requirement.
  3. Labrador Retriever – The most popular dog breed in the US is also one of the top three best dog breeds for children. By nature, the Labs are playful and protective, affectionate and patient.  It’s sweet and gentle temperament accompanied by inherent intelligence make the Labs one of the perfect dogs for kids, and for the entire family.
  4. Havanese – There are plenty of reasons your kids will love having a Havanese around your home.  One is because this breed is cool and calm.  They are gentle-mannered and behaved.  To top it all, they are also hypoallergenic dogs that you will not have problems with hair shedding.
  5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – This is the breed that will surely put the smiles and laughter on kids’ faces.  Popular for their friendliness and animated character, the Cavs can easily melt anyone’s heart even those who are not pet lovers.  This is why they deserve to be one of the best dog breeds for children.
  6. Poodle – This is one of the smartest and kid-friendly breeds.  The poodle will love playing with your kid, and will never tire easily.  Patience is one of this pet’s strongest virtues.  Does you kid have allergic reactions to dander?  No worries, as this breed is hypoallergenic.
  7. Bulldog – This is perhaps the coolest breed of dogs.  You can say that this pet is a couch potato. Bulldogs will not mind lazing on the sofa, or sitting and watching your children play.  He can also join the fun to play with your children, and they will surely enjoy his antiques.  You must protect your pet, however, from the heat, as bulldogs do not do well with hot climate.
  8. Yorkshire Terrier – This is a natural darling.  This breed will never run out of energy to please their owners, and to play with children.  Yorkies never fail to get the admiration of those who see them, as they are irresistibly cute doggies.
  9. Beagle – This is the breed of the famous Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s pet.  This dog is a natural social pet that goes along well with members of the family including other pets.  You just have to make sure to groom your pet properly to avoid smell and to prevent unnecessary shedding.
While these are the best dog breeds for children, it is still necessary that you supervise their playtime with your kids.