Dogs vs cats – The facts revealed

The domestication of animals has been around for centuries. In the recent times, the two most common domestic pets kept are cats and dogs. Interestingly, there is a huge contrast between the two animals and an unending debates on which pet is better. Cats are considered more independent, generally cheaper and less demanding. Dogs are considered to be loyal and obedient but require more attention and exercise like regular walks. Friends - dog and cat togetherA head to head comparison All pets require work – feeding, cleaning and caring. Cats require less work as they tend to be more self-sufficient and less needy as compared to dogs. They can be easily trained to use a litter. They don’t need to be walked regularly. They can eat, sleep, play and poop on their own. You can leave them alone for a night or a weekend provided they have enough food and water. They are also cheaper to afford and maintain. Dogs are high maintenance. You need to walk them daily, let them in and out of the door and they cannot be left alone overnight or on a weekend. Dogs cannot be trained to use litter boxes. They can be trained to keep a schedule but you need to take them out accordingly. In addition, cats are considered to be obnoxious and selfish while dogs are loving and affectionate. Dogs are pack animals. They need to be taken care of and they usually cling to you whereas cats are independent. Coming to the liveliness each of them comes with Cats have better manners than dogs. When visitors arrive at your house, a dog goes into frenzy, yapping, jumping, pawing and sniffing. Cats observe the visitors from afar. If they are in the mood they may come out to acknowledge the visitors with a tail twitch; no jumping or pawing. On the other hand, dogs are more fun loving than cats. Dogs love to spend time with their owners. They play games such as fetch with a ball or a frisbee, taking part in tug of war, etc. They play with toys and just keep the energy up. Moreover, dogs can promote an active lifestyle. They could be your exercise buddies. You can go on walks with them and run with them as a daily routine. Cats are lazy and do not engage with you like that. They may snuggle with you but do not engage into physical activities. Cats also do not provide protection to their owners whereas dogs guard the owners and their property. They bark and growl to alert you to the presence of strangers, even ward them off. Happy vet with dog and catThe space factor Cats are quieter animals and require less space so they are suitable for urban settings. They cause less disruption and don’t leave brown parcels in the front yard, rarely tip over bins, in short cause less damage. Dogs require more space, create more noise and tip over bins to look inside them. Finally, it all comes down to YOU Cats and dogs both have favorable and unfavorable qualities. It really depends on your preference in pets. Cats have to be won over. It takes time to earn their trust and love. They show affection only when they consider you worthy. Dogs give unconditional love. Their entire world revolves around seeking your attention and love.