Food You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Dogs are clever animals and seem to know by instinct how to beg when you are eating. Some owners find this annoying while others cannot resist the temptation of feeding the dog from their plate! While some foods may be very safe for humans to eat, they may be very poisonous for your dog. It is therefore vital to know what to give and what not to give the dog, in order to avoid a serious disease that can lead to death. Below are a few things that may be delicious to humans but fatal to dogs. They should be avoided at all cost if we do not want our pets to be harmed. Chocolate Cute puppy eating from its plate Dogs love chocolate with almost the same passion as humans. However, you should avoid feeding your dog with chocolate as this can turn out to be poisonous for the animal. Chocolate comes from cocoa seeds. These seeds contain chemicals known as methylxanthins, basically caffeine and theobromine. These two substances are known to be dangerous to dogs; they do not easily get digested in the animal. Like humans, your dog can never resist a bar of chocolate so if you have any at home, make sure it is out of the dog’s reach. Many dogs visit the veterinarian every year due to chocolate ingestion and high amounts of this can actually be fatal to the dog. Raw Onions Most dogs cannot eat an onion raw (which is actually also poisonous for them). However, if you prepare a meal that has onions in it, the dog will consume it. This may lead to an emergency visit to your veterinarian. Simply put, onions will hinder the smooth functioning of the dog’s red blood cells preventing them from properly transporting oxygen within the dog’s system. This causes a series of malfunctions for the dog. Ensure therefore that you do not give your dog food that contains onions. Grapes or Raisins Do not ever feed your dog raisins or grapes. This food is entirely harmless to humans but not for dogs. If taken in huge quantities, grapes or raisins can make your dog fall very ill. The exact cause of this is not fully known yet, but experts recommend avoiding feeding dogs with grapes and raisins. Labrador puppy Alcoholic Drinks Never serve your dog alcoholic drinks as not only will it lead to intoxication, but can cause the dog to go into a coma, leading to death. Therefore, ensure all alcoholic drinks are kept away from your dog as some dogs are actually capable of lapping up alcohol which you or someone else in the house has left in a glass!   Sugar Do not feed your dog sugar. Many times, humans enjoy eating cookies and cakes that may not contain chocolate, but have high sugar levels. Dogs do not require any amount of sugar in their diet. Consumption of sugar by dogs may lead to problems with their teeth, weight and can also trigger diabetes. Conclusion When it comes to your dog’s diet, ensure you have him or her on a diet based on meat, which consists of dry or canned food and high quality meat snacks specially meant for dogs. This type of diet is ideal and is guaranteed to keep your dog happy, healthy and safe for a long time. Even if your dog begs in the kitchen, make sure you do not share your food, as this may lead to an emergency visit to the veterinarian. Your dog is your best friend so ensure you keep it healthy by feeding it with the appropriate foods, to ensure a long and healthy life!