Getting The Best Social Pet For Your Kids


A pet proves to be one of the best things to keep a child busy. Kids love to play with pets because the pets are alive and can respond to them. However, it’s neither reasonable nor healthy to just pick up any animal from anywhere to become your kids’ best friend.

There are things you must know and look out for when picking such pets. These things, you will find in this article.

  1. Firstly, you must make sure the pet is healthy. You won’t like to spend money and time trying to treat a pet you just got and even worse treating your child from diseases he or she got from a pet. It is safer to either buy from a trusted friend or family member, or from a veterinarian. Take them to your veterinarian for total check up once you get them, to be sure that you have no issues with health. If it is a dog or cat, get it spayed/neutered. Also, do not hesitate to take your pet to the veterinarian whenever you notice anything suspicious. Never skip a pet’s vaccination.
  2. Consider the size of your pet, when you are buying it, and when it’s an adult. Make sure the size is something you can handle and that your child can also handle. At times, pets grow do big after a few months and become too big for kids to play with. You must be sure you can leave your child to play with the pet when it’s fully grown. This is not a risk to take, as huge pets can cost you the child’s life.
  3. Do not leave a baby or toddler with a pet, alone in a room or a house. You can’t have total control of your pet. You child may tease or touch the pet in a way that puts the pet off or makes him uncomfortable. Anything could happen in such situations. This is also why you must teach your kids to treat pets with respect and care. Involve then in the care and feeding of the pet, to get them familiar and to make them responsible.
  4. Don’t allow the pets to lick your child’s wounds or cuts. This could pass viruses into the child’s blood stream and cause a lot of trouble.
  5. Get a gentle pet. Energetic pets may not be too advisable around kids, especially because they may not understand your commands just yet. It is sometimes advisable to get older dogs who have been around children before without records of accidents. This will give you a sense of safety for the children.
  6. Always keep your pets clean and away from animals that can pass disease from them. This should be more observed when it is a cat. Cats tend to have more tendency of contracting diseases than other animals, so keep their litter boxes clean and keep them indoors.

You can never be too careful for your pets and your kids. So take every precaution your veterinarian gives you very seriously.