Guinea Pig: Is it the Pet for You?

Guinea Pig Buying Guide Before getting any pet you should always make sure you do your research. You can't count on pet store workers and rescue volunteers to know all the facts about the animals they have for sale/adoption. Most pet stores don't train new employees on the important facts of the animals they sell. Mostly they're taught to ring up sales and answer basic questions. Did you know that Guinea Pigs are like humans and don't produce their own Vitamin C? Most pet store employees do not know this and many times people end up getting the wrong food for their Guinea Pig which leads to early death. Guinea Pigs get their Vitamin C from their food just like we do. Do your research and a Guinea Pig will make a great pet for many years to come. When it comes to housing our Guinea Pig you don't need to worry about going too extravagant. Guinea Pigs only require space, and security. A simple one story cage is fine. Just make sure it is roomy because Guinea Pigs like to move around. There are sites that detail how much space your Guinea Pig needs. Two story cages are fine, but make sure there is plenty of room for a long ramp because Guinea Pigs can't climb well. If you have a ramp make sure it has carpet covering it so the Guinea Pig can get up it. Guinea Pigs are easy to feed, but you must adhere to strick guidelines. I recommend Kaytee Fiesta for Guinea Pigs if you want something simple and healthy. Suppliment their diet with Timothy Hay and Alfalfa Hay. Guinea Pigs love it, but don't give them too much. A small amount each day is just fine. You can also give them carrots. Guinea Pigs love fresh vegetables, and carrots are a great vegetable to give them. Any vegetable high in Vitamin C is perfect for them. Guinea Pigs can become very skittish if they are not handled regularly. Be careful when handling your Guinea Pig as they are delicate creatures, and could get seriously injured should they be dropped or squeezed. Get your Guinea Pig used to your presence by petting its head gently each day. After a while start picking it up for a few minutes at a time. Over time your Guinea Pig will be eager for your attention and love to be held. Guinea Pigs can be leash trained, but I recommend using a carry pouch if taking your Guinea Pig anywhere outside of your house as they frighten easy. If you have it in a carry pouch it's less likely to be startled because it is closer to you which is calming. Don't put too much stress on your Guinea Pig. They're hearts beat faster than hours and too much of a surprise could kill them. Be calm, talk with a soothing voice and your Guinea Pig will be just fine. Make sure that you spend time with your Guinea Pig as they need attention and love. A Guinea Pig lives an average of 4 years, but can live longer. Treat your Guinea Pig right and they'll be the best pet you've ever had.