How Do I Know What Pet I Should Get? Give it More Thought Than Just an Impulse

Before you decide to bring a new animal home as a pet, you must think of the commitment you are making. This new animal is going to live for many years. It will require appropriate food, water and exercise. You will have to determine how you will provide loving discipline. You do not want to make this decision haphazardly. Impulse buying is the worse thing you can do. That is how Pet Shops operate. For instance, at Easter have you seen the cute chicks and baby ducks? How about the advertising about how wonderful this would be for your precious child. Well, you impulse buy that baby chick or duck and now it's yours! Well those chicks grow up! Now what are you going to do? Just throw it out into nature where it has no abilities to care for itself whatsoever. Well thinking of it that way, it isn't so appealing is it? But it happens hundreds of times a day every day of the week. Unwanted animals are just thrown out, like yesterdays garbage. Think about it please. There are humane shelters and rescue leagues out there that can help you give a home to a deserving animal that just wants to be loved. So many animals are euthenized every year. It is outrageous. You may not want the responsibility of a new pet. You may not have years to devote to the care and training of an animal. Well you know what, that is okay. You don't have to. Just make your decision BEFORE you get the pet. It is ridiculous to think pets don't have feelings. Of course they do. Have you ever looked into the soulful eyes of a dog, or pet the feathers of parrot that is on it's back in your arms, just begging for your attention? Have you ever had a cat curl up in your lap and purr to the point of putting you to sleep with relaxation? These are the things that bond you with your pet. The little innuendos that are special between the two of you, the thing that makes your relationship with your pet unique. Yes, owning an animal is more than an impulse. It is a life time commitment. You must care for your pet, because your pet will trust you to do so. These creatures were created for our enjoyment and our comfort. It is a gift and trust that should be taken very seriously. You owe it to yourself and them.