How having a cat as your pet can make everything more lively

KittensThe cat v/s dog analysis If dogs are called a man’s best friend then where does that leave the humble house cat? As a dog begs for attention and comfort from their owner the cat is more likely to be off doing what the cat does best; being cool. That is not to say you will not receive a loving brush against your leg or a gentle purr in your ear from time to time, it just means that cats are altogether way more independent than their K-9 cousins. Cats are independent With this independence brings a great deal of uncertainty and general inconspicuousness about our feline friends. If your dog was left outside to roam around in the wee small hours what do you think would happen? The poor fellow would probably have been too scared to leave your back door and if the dog was brave enough to venture out into the world by himself, you can pretty much guarantee you would be sending out a search party in the morning! This is what makes having a cat as a pet a refreshingly, enjoyable experience. The party animal that spends its evenings in a furore of fun and excitement and spends the following day sleeping it off in the most comfortable of abodes. This is the life many of us wish for. Not a worry in the world. 横を見るのらねこCats are sure to spread a lively feel in their surrounding  In recent times, cats have become more and more popular on social media sites. Who doesn’t like watching a cat dressed as a shark sitting on a mobile vaccum cleaner as it moves around the kitchen, a kitten being trained to walk downstairs by its mother or an aspiring musician playing the piano! They make our lives more enjoyable simply by being themselves. Some amazing cat facts that not many people know  . Cat’s can hear ultrasonic sounds (this comes in extra handy whilst hunting down rodents) . They can hit speeds of 30mph (Usain Bolt clocks in at 27mph) . There are over 500 million domestic cats in the world . The smallest adult cat ever recorded weighed one pound, eight ounces and measured just 2.75 inches tall and 7.7 inches long With these facts in mind we are actually very priveleged to be able to call these animals our pets and owe a huge thanks to the ancient Egyptians for domesticating them in the first place. Whether you are an eighty year old woman with ten of them, a young couple in the city with one or a family of four in the country with a kitten, they will all appreciate the benefits of having a cat. Not only do they make your life more lively by simply existing as they are, I would argue they are more than just a man’s best friend and a more integral part of the family. Long live the humble house cat.