How To Bath A Cat Properly


You must find this post very important if you have ever had your cat in a health condition where it needs regular bathing with medicated shampoo. Cats may even get into some dirt and need a bath, asides the health situation. However, they are always a handful in this situation. Many cat owners end up fighting their cats, and eventually with many scratch wounds when they try to bath their cats. Well, this article will show you how to bath your cats properly, step by step.

  • TRIM THE CLAWS – Before you bathe the cat, you must cut the nails of the cat to avoid scratching and cuts during the bath.
  • BRUSH THE FUR – This is to untangle the hair on the cat’s body. The fur is better untangled before the bath.
  • GET THE RIGHT SHAMPOO – Using the wrong shampoo can damage the cat’s skin, and cause more problems. It is better to use the right shampoo than to take chances.
  • TIRE THE CAT OUT – When the cat is tired, there is less chance of fighting or injuries during the bath.
  • PREPARE THE BATHROOM – Make sure you close the bathroom door. Keep the toilet seat down. Put a rubber mat in the tub to stop the cat from slippering and to give it something to hold on to. Fill the tub with water.
  • WEAR PROTECTIVE GARMENTS – It is better to wear thick long sleeves to cover every skin possible, so that clawing and scratching will have minimal effects.
  • KEEP YOUR CAT CALM AND SOAK FROM NECK DOWN – Cats panic when their head is underwater, so it you should keep their head above the water, literally.
  • SHAMPOO FROM NECK DOWN – Even as you must not dip the cat’s head in the water, you must also shampoo the cat’s body from neck down.
  • RINSE SHAMPOO OUT – Make sure the shampoo does not get into the eyes or ears of the cat. The head should be above the water.
  • WASH CAT’S FACE WITH WATER AND A WASHCLOTH – While you keep the head above the water, it also has to be washed. Hence, dip a wash cloth in clean water and wash the face of the cat with it.
  • TOWEL DRY – Mop the cat’s body with a towel and then wrap its body in another dry towel. You should also make the cat sit on a dry towel.
  • PROVIDE WARM HEAT – You can use a space heater or a warm air vent. You can also use a hair dryer but make sure the heat is warm and not hot.

If after this procedure, or in the middle of it, the cat protests wildly, then it may be a better option to wash the whole body with a washcloth. Instead of dipping the cat in a tub filled with water.

If you notice any reaction on your cats skin or loss of hair, due to bathing with a specific shampoo, do not delay in checking in with your veterinarian for advice.