How to Keep Your Dog from Barking Non-Stop

Everyone knows that dogs bark.  That’s a fact, and hearing a dog barking is normal. However, what is not normal is when your dog barks non-stop. How do you handle it?  What should you do to keep your dog from barking non-stop? Why Do Dogs Bark?DogBarking In finding an effective solution, it helps that you know the reasons for dogs barking.  Here they are:
  • Barking is to dogs as talking is to human beings.  Dogs bark mainly to communicate.  If your pet needs or wants anything, he will normally bark to get your attention.
  • It is their way of alerting their owners of strangers approaching their home.  Dogs typically have keen senses in distinguishing what is dangerous and what is not, and certain breeds make for excellent guard or watchdogs.Other reasons for barking are the following:
  • to convince their owners or the other pets in their house to play
  • if they think they will have to assume the role of being the pack leader
  • to instill discipline in their puppies or other pets in the house

There are times, however, that your dog may bark excessively.  Your dog barking non-stop is what you will have to address.

Reasons for Non-Stop Barking Identifying the reason for your pet’s non-stop barking is the first step in keeping your dog from barking non-stop.  Here are the top reasons:
  • Separation Anxiety – if your dog is used to seeing you by his side, and then suddenly finds that you are out of his sight and nowhere in the house, your pet will bark non-stop because of anxiety.
  • Aoneness, boredom, and unhappiness – dogs are typically bonding animals, and therefore when they find themselves alone, they will resort to excessive barking.  Also, if they have nothing to do or they are feeling unhappy, expect dogs to bark non-stop.
  • Pain either from injury or ailment – just like human beings may cry when in pain, dogs tend to bark excessively when in a similar condition.  You may want to bring your pet to the vet for treatment and or to rule out diseases. dog Barking
Training Your Dog Not to Bark Excessively Ruling out medical condition as the reason, what you need to do is to train your pet. However, you do not train your dog not to bark, but you train your pet not to bark excessively. In training your dog not to bark unreasonably, consider these tips:
  • You will get results that are more favorable when you train your pet to learn what “quiet” means, rather than yelling at him every time he barks non-stop.
  • Use calm but firm and consistent commands when training your dog not to bark excessively.  Never use punishment for training, instead use rewards and incentives to get the results you want from your pet.
  • Search online for dog training tools that can help you in training your dog to address non-stop barking the proper way.
Success in training to address and prevent your dog barking non-stop does not depend on your pet.  It depends on you.  Therefore, you do it right.