How to Successfully Manage Cat Obesity

Fat cats surely look adorable, but hidden underneath their cuteness are a host of health issues that may potentially shorten their lifespan. They may appear contented with the food you give them, but have you ever considered that they may also be suffering from the inside. Cat obesity is an issue that needs careful attention not only from licensed veterinarians, but from pet parents too. In order to successfully battle cat obesity, here are some measures that you can implement to help your fur baby live a longer, healthier, and happier life!fatcat
  • Just like humans, cats do need regular exercise. This is true even for indoor cats. It may sound absurd to walk the cat outdoors, but performing such an activity with your cat will help in increasing their stamina too. For fat cats, even walking short distances will successfully burn all of their excess pounds. If you have no outdoor space where your cats can roam and walk, you may also try out using cat toys.
Cat dancers and laser light are two of the most common paraphernalia that you can use to amuse and get your cuddly cat to move indoors.  You may also try to motivate them to work for their food instead. Cats are used to being pampered by pet parents. Unlike dogs, cats are less likely to meow or cuddle for food.  One effective way of letting them exercise is to place their food bowls in high places. This will require them to jump high, thereby working their muscles at the same time.
  • Feeding your chubby fur baby the right type of food at the right amounts will effectively reduce their body weight too. A nutrient-packed food guarantees that your cat gets the vitamins and minerals for growth and development. Cats do not eat a lot, so do not over fill their bowls with food as they may develop the habit of eating everything in their feeding bowls in one sitting.
  • Neutering is yet another procedure that can assist your cats to successful weight loss. Aside from the obvious birth control benefits of neutering, it also contributes to increased health and wellness. Although you may have to watch out for sudden weight gain after neutering, this procedure offers many health benefits which reduce the chances of diseases that may be aggravated by obesity.
  • In terms of cat food, canned wet food is a better option than dry food or kibbles.  Wet canned food is significantly higher in protein concentration. A small meal consisting of wet food will be more than enough per meal. It is also recommended that cats be fed only twice a day. It may seem like they would like to be fed constantly, but following their whims is just dangerous to their health and well being. As a pet parent, you should always be in control. Maintaining a strict feeding schedule will go a long way in treating cat obesity.
Lastly, if you notice sudden weight gain in your cat do not hesitate to go to the vet. Remember that detection and early prevention of obesity is way better than letting your cats grow fat and develop serious, life threatening conditions.