How To Train Your Guard Dog


This article is about training a guard dog, not an attack dog. You might be surprised at this introduction. Is there a difference between a guard dog and an attack dog? Yes there is. A guard dog guards your property, family or a specific territory. Attack dogs are basically taught to attack, injure and charge at anyone when their master says so. Attack dogs are always charged and ready to attack.

Guard dogs are taught to stand watch, notice strangers or loitering, and alert the owners about what it suspects. They are almost never taught to attack. Except you are training your dog for military purposes, you should not teach your dog to attack. This is because the dog will mostly not have to attack anyone in your home. If it will, it won’t be often. So, you would need a dog that can both heighten your safety and be well-behaved in friendly situation.

It might take time and a lot of patience to train your dog, but it will be worth it.

  • Check if your dog breed is fit for the job. There are specific breeds of dogs that are best to train as guard dogs. This does not mean there is any breed that cannot be trained to become a guard dog, but some are better at it than others such as Chow chows, Akita, German Shepard, Pugs, etc. You should learn the personality traits of your dog such as obedience and how territorial they are.
  • Socialize the dog when he’s a puppy. You would need your dog to act like a normal dog when there is no threat, so they need to learn to socialize when they’re small.
  • Teach the dog basic dog commands. Teach him to respond to basic commands like; stand, sit, come, go, stay, etc. These will make up the basis for teaching him to be a guard dog.
  • Choose and teach dog a trigger word. You need to be able to tell your dog to do something when it should alert you. This majorly is barking. So the easiest word to choose is ‘bark’. However, some dog owners like to customize this trigger word for themselves. If this is you, choose that one word and make sure you give the command at the same tone every time you give it.
  • Continually train your dog to respond to that command as time goes on. It might take time for you to get the dog to respond every time, but keep at it and don’t change your trigger word because you are not seeing results. Patience and consistency is key if you want your dog to become an efficient and effective guard dog.

One thing that you must know while you train your guard dog is that; no matter what technique you use, never beat your dog to succumb to you. Your dog will become fidgety and will eventually nit become a guard dog.