Irma Deniz: Pet Communicator and Healer

If you have ever wished that you could talk to your pets, you need to meet Pet Communicator and Healer Irma Deinz. Irma originally thought she would have a legal career. She majored in political science from DePaul University. Went on to become a para legal and to sit for the law school exam (LSAT). But all along her heart and intuition told her she had a different calling. Irma had always known that she had an intuitive spirit. She could feel the needs of others and surprisingly she could understand the needs of animals. Trained in Quantum Touch Irma had amazing success offering clients healing. One day she discovered a class that would heighten your natural ability to understand animals through intuition. Irma found she excelled at this. Pet owners bring Irma a picture of their animal. Irma says that in person sessions can be distracting for the pet; who often wants to play instead of talk. Using the picture, Irma contacts them on a psychic level. The pet is then able to answer questions, show Irma the home and surroundings as well as suggest needs. Most owners contact Irma because a pet is having behavior problems. Animals who don't listen, that suddenly have house training issues or who become aggressive are likely clients. One owner asked her per, through Irma, why it wasn't using the litter box. The cat explained that it didn't like sharing with the two other cats because the litter box was dirty. The owner admitted that there were multiple cats and that she neglected to clean the box as often. The owner did start changing the litter more often and the cat's behavior changed. In another instance, the owner asks why her dog is suddenly going to the bathroom in the house. The dog shows Irma that it is telling or trying to tell someone to let it out by going to the door and barking. No one is listening. The pet owner nods and responds that yes that makes sense. He had been later getting home than in the past. He just hadn't realized that it was enough to cause the dog to give up going to the door. Some owners are concerned that a pet isn't feeling well. In this case, Irma can look at the cat's physical body. She says she sees glowing in effected areas. For one dog Irma identified that it's stomach was unusually sensitive. That the animal would feel better with a change of diet. The owner confirmed this and later thanked Irma for alerting her to the pet's needs. In some cases owners who have adopted animals from shelters want to know more of the pets history. Was there abuse or neglect? Knowing this can assist the owner in making the pet feel relaxed and loved. Irma shares with them the pictures of the past that the animals tell her. They make their needs known. On occasion Irma has acted as a Pet Medium. She has the ability to talk to the deceased. In this way owners can understand that their pets are happy now and out of pain. Irma confirms details of their lives. She shares with owners that the pets understand the choices made and that they were at peace with their passing. Irma works out of the Golden Harvest Holistic Center. She offers training and individual sessions. In an individual session the owner asks questions then Irma lets the animal speak to her. She charges $35 for a 30minute session. Irma offers her services online. In this case the owner sends a digital picture of the pet for Irma to focus on.