Kid-Friendly Breeds of Dogs

Introduction The dog is said to be man’s best friend, and that also applies to kids. Since a pet is an important part of a family, their inclusion into the family is a choice that needs to be made with consideration to several factors. This is because children are special members of the family and adding new canine friends to the family’s relationships circles has to be made with their safety and wellbeing in mind. Jack Russell Terrier dogFactors to consider Before adopting these petite canines into a family that has kids it is vital to consider the following qualities in regard to the dog/s and the family:
  • the size of the family;
  • the age of the kids in the family;
  • your willingness and ability to train and groom the dog;
  • the compatibility of the dog with children;
  • trainability of the dog;
  • the personality and nature of the dog;
  • the overall care of the dog as he continues to live with the family.
 List of kid friendly dogs The Maltese He is a small cheerful, enthusiastic, affectionate, playful and highly trainable dog with a gentle disposition. His only downside is that he needs to be brushed daily, which may at times be a tall responsibility to younger kids, but he is a good companion for kids all the same. The pug This is an old breed from China. He is a loyal, outgoing, playful and trustworthy family mate. His only problem is that it is vulnerable to respiratory problems during extreme weather conditions and also does a lot of hair shading which could affect kids with allergic problems. Miniature Schnauzer This is a great German breed with awesome qualities. He sheds very little and hence ideal for allergic kids. He is smart, cheerful, outgoing and highly protective despite his small size and thus is a good companion for kids. Family pets receiving gifts for ChristmasBrussels Griffon Terrier Another very lovely and sensitive family pet. He also has other good qualities such as being highly protective and loyal. Besides, he is also obedient, energetic, cheerful and a good playmate for kids. French bulldog As a breed that is naturally wired to play, this little canine is very social and lively. It is also easy to groom and exercise, coupled with a fearless nature. The French bulldog thrives in mild weather conditions hence he requires to be air conditioned during hot weather conditions. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Named after an English King, this breed is endowed with charming personality traits. He is friendly, jovial and free from all kind of aggressive tendencies. He is also very adaptive when it comes to training, smart, eager to learn and obedient. He also stands out as a low-maintenance breed because he requires little brushing compared to other breeds. Shih Tzu This has been nick named the “lion dog” from China. This is a tiny breed with a loving and loyal nature. The dog also has other outstanding qualities such as liveliness, alertness, and fearlessness. However, it requires a lot of work to maintain its beautiful coat, a duty that most families will not mind given its many other beautiful qualities.