Knowing all about the different breeds of dogs

Deciding to get a dog as your pet is only the first and very basic part of what is a long and complicated procedure. There are many different factors involved, all quite influential and important. One of the extremely important factors while getting a dog as your pet is deciding on the breed of your dog. After all, different breeds come with a different set of qualities and behavior and you should be aware beforehand about what you can expect from your new buddy. Now though usually all breeds of dogs are considered to be family friendly, there are a few particular breeds that are indeed considered an ideal option for families of all sizes. These breeds are: Cute dog among the photosGolden Retriever This breed is considered to be a very loyal and family friendly breed. However, do note that it is also one of the most time demanding breed, and requires taking it for a walk on a very regular basis. Irish Setter It is one of the more popular breed of dogs out there, and comes with a natural feeling of pleasing its owner as well as being a great companion. Labrador Retriever Besides being protective, this breed of dog is loyal as well as extremely energetic. This means that getting bored in his company is not a possibility. However, it is to be assumed that a breed that comes with such a high level of energy would require taking it out a lot more regularly than its other counterparts. Pembroke Welsh Corgi This is one of the smaller breeds of family friendly breeds of dogs out there. Weighting just about 25 pounds, they have a very small tail. This helps ensure that your kids won’t trouble it every now and then by dragging it with his tail. They’re actually considered to be one of the better breeds out there if you have kids over the age of seven. beagle head isolated on whitePoddle It is one of the great options for people looking for some specific size of pet, as it comes in three different sizes, in order to suit your preferences. Not only that, it is a very intelligent and friendly breed as well, and loves human companionship. The breed being intelligent means less trouble to deal with while training it. Schnauzer Though not less family friendly, they surely require more care and looking after than their other counterparts. However, they are very protective and loyal. But make sure you are ready to help it with daily exercise as well as grooming. West Highland White Terrier This is another small sized family friendly breed. However, despite being small, it is still not considered to be the best option for families consisting of kids under the age of ten as they are usually not willing to take any mischief. In addition to that, they also demand a great deal of exercise as well as spending a considerable amount of time on grooming as their coats are more prone to getting matted.