National Pet Week Hero Busts Bullies

Handicapped Cocky Dog Takes on Bullies National Pet Week May 2-8 and what better segment for your readers or listeners than a local author's story about her handicapped dog whose "Tail" is helping build kids' self esteem and in turn offering a unique means to stop bullies? Initially caregiver to her courageous and resourcefuldog, Claudia Broome became his student, learning firsthand how to overcome adversity, gain strength and nurture self-esteem. Her personal focus now is reaching out to special needs children and in particular, children being bullied and everyone who is involved in their lives. Rugby Jones and his humorous and lovably cocky attitude is now captivating thousands of people with his to-the-point message that disability is really ability in disguise. Kids who are different ...hopefully... have teachers and parents to protect them but they don't have any heroes. Rugby Jones is here to fill that gap. His appeal for children - especially children like him who are disabled in some way - is instant! As Broome speaks from Rugby's point of view, without guidance, kids begin to understand that everyone can enjoy life fully by embracing their circumstances and taking pride in their differences.