Pet Friendly Companies

To some people, this may not seem like a big deal. But to people who own animals and enjoy sharing their lives with them, it is very important to know which companies are looking out not only our safety, but the safety of our four-legged friends. In my article, I am going to talk about companies that are conscious of your pet and other companies that are not so concerned with your pet's safety. With the great surge in Americans spending habits on their pets (over $40 BILLION in 2015) companies are having to change their market and their products in order to succeed and thrive. Many people take their pets with them on vacations, out running errands, and some pets even have their own rooms of the house! I think it makes the most sense to go back and forth between good companies and bad ones.....I hope you enjoy this article and you find it helpful. I am not in any way giving you this information to harm certain companies, I just want you to be aware of the companies that are more concerned with your pet's safety than others. It is important for you to know which products are safe for you and your pet, and for you to know which companies take that extra step in providing for your pet. Let's start with a good company for pet owners: Ford Motor Company ~ Recently, announced Ford Motor Company as the "Pet Friendliest Automaker". Several factors (all of which are important to pet owners across the country) were reviewed including: spaciousness, safety, fuel economy, affordability, and the comfort of your pet. The website decided the absolute best car Ford has to offer is the Taurus X - it is spacious, has a total of 6 air bags, and seats 6-7. Another reason Ford was chosen was the fact that they have received the highest number of 5 star crash ratings than any other company in America. This is especially important when you are traveling with your pet. Things happen very fast while you are driving, and you never know when you will have an accident. Vehicles that rate higher and safer in crash tests will do a better job of protecting you, your family, and your pet. I think in the future, you will see an abundance of cars designed especially for pet owners who travel frequently with their animals. The Not So Good Companies: After doing a little bit of digging, I realized one thing - just about every major cosmetic company (everyone from Estee Lauder to Max Factor to Neutrogena) tests their products on animals. Now, I understand why this is done but I don't really understand the purpose of it. I don't know any dogs and cats who have skin like a human being, do you? Does it make sense to continually test products on animals when there are so many differences between us and them? I have read nightmare stories from people whose animals were abducted or stolen from them only to be resold to laboratories. Is there nothing else we could test on? This may sound incredibly cold, but what about the people who are sitting on death row, waiting to be executed? Is it possible to test on them? Or do you think scientists could create something that has the exact same composition as human skin without harming anyone? I know we have to make sure our products are safe, but I think there is another solution out there, we just haven't thought of it yet. I started out intending to make this post about good and bad companies, talking about certain ones in particular, but when I saw how many companies tested their products on animals, I realized this is a large problem. How are we going to handle it? Are we going to continue, or can we change for the better and realize that animals (although they are certainly not human) have feelings, emotions, they feel pain, and they may even have a soul. Isn't it wrong to torture? I believe it is, and while I will not be boycotting every single company, I am going to pay closer attention to which companies I buy from. I want my dollars to go to people who believe in the same morals and values as I do. I sort of got side-tracked in this post and I apologize for it. I wanted to tell you about Ford because I thought that would be really useful information for you. When I saw the "bad" companies, the list of ones who test on animals is so large, I knew I wanted to share that information with you as well. Getting the word out on companies who test on animals will help us eradicate them from our society.