Pet Restaurants

I love my dog, and taking him with me is a privilege that I enjoy. He is fun, and he likes to meet people. He loves shopping at the pet store and walking in the park. He gets along well with other animals, and he is not aggressive. While being able to dine in the company of my dog might be fun, I don't think that restaurants should allow dogs in with their owners. While I love animals, many people do not. They see them as dirty creatures covered in fleas and having bad habits. Others are allergic to dogs, and the simple act of being in the same room with them could induce a dangerous asthma attack. Many also have an extreme fear of canines stemming from an attack they have experienced or witnessed. While some reasons are unfounded, the solution is simple. Dogs should not be allowed in restaurants unless they are trained as Seeing Eye dogs. Those who fear, or who do not like dogs should not be forced to be around them. Especially for young children, this could be traumatic. I have spent a lot of time and effort on training and grooming my dog. He is very clean and very well behaved. Many pet owners aren't the same. They allow their dogs to run loose, and they don't teach them not to beg or jump on people. Many also do not bathe their pets regularly which allow dog haters to buy into the myth that all dogs are dirty. It is also potentially hazardous for the dogs as it could lead to the spread of canine disease. Viruses like Parvo and Kennel Cough are very contagious and costly to treat. I would much rather keep my dog at home and know that he is safe and secure. Many people also love to feed their dogs whatever human food they themselves are eating. This can be harmful for dogs. Not bringing your pets to eat with you will prevent others from giving them food that could be harmful. I have had experiences with neighbors sneaking food to my dog. They felt that because their dogs ate ice cream, chicken legs, and all sorts for other doggie no-no's, that my dog should be no different. My dog has a very weak stomach, so he can't handle human food of any kind. Introducing your dog to the possibility of food from any number of pesky diners could be potentially fatal.