Teach Your Pet Rats to Give You a Kiss

If you're looking for a really cute trick to teach your pet rats, this one is a good one. It's easy to teach, easy for them to learn, and it makes a cute trick for them to show your friends. It's very simple. So let's get started learning the trick, okay? What You'll Need Basically, all the materials you'll need to teach your rats this trick are yourself, your rats and some kind of treat to reward them with. We give our rats Yoggies Cheese-Flavored yogurt treats for rats, and they love them. They love them perhaps a bit too much, and often beg for them by giving us kisses and doing all the other tricks we've taught them, just to get the Yoggies. You can also use baby food, bananas (just a little bit of mashed up banana), or fresh leafy veggies. Oh, and the one ours used to go crazy over: applesauce. The Trick If you've already taught them to come to their names, this is a lot easier. Just get them to come to the entrance of their cage, and pucker your lips. It sometimes helps to make kissy sounds, but you don't really have to. They'll naturally come to investigate, and when they give you a "kiss" you give them a treat. Now, I don't like any kind of licking, so I just make them put their nose to my lips to get the treat, but my girlfriend makes them lick her nose. We didn't want to confuse them, so we made them do two different spots, instead of both on the lips. Reward them when the do whichever it is you want them to do. The Command Next, you just repeat that process until they've understood exactly what you want, and then, you just start adding the command. For ours, its "kisses" plus the rat's name. Just say your command word, then do the pucker like you usually do, and reward them when they get it. Eventually, you can just say the command, and they'll go to kiss you on their own, without you doing the pucker. Just remember, always use positive reinforcement with rats, not negative. Rats are incredibly responsive to positive reinforcement, and are very fast to pick up a new trick. Usually, once one of the rats has done a new trick, the rest learn it much faster. Always remember, first teach the trick, then teach the corresponding command.